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Health Alert



The Dangers of Vaccines
Did you know that American children are the most vaccinated kids in the world? A newborn baby barely 12 hours old gets his first shot. At two months, he gets eight more vaccines. Before he reaches his second birthday, he’s pricked at least a dozen times more. And yet during the last 25 years, the number of kids with learning disabilities, ADHD, asthma and diabetes have more than tripled, all because pediatricians have doubled the number of vaccines that they give babies and children under the age of six.
You’ve probably heard of the vaccine safety debate and grown alarmed at the increasing number of children suffering vaccine-related reactions like seizures, fever and allergies – that’s why you’re reading this and looking for clear answers. To top it off, the controversy surrounding the long-term effects like autism and even death, has raised the alarm in most parts of the USA. And just like most anyone who’s concerned enough to listen, you’ve become convinced that immunizations are dangerous for everyone.
If so, you should know what specific actions to take to prevent vaccine induced damage to you and your loved ones. You have the right to keep you and your family safe and healthy. After all, the next child to suffer could be your closest of kin – or even your own kid.
Once you’ve made the decision to refuse immunization, what’s the next step?
Be a proactive, informed citizen and know how to react correctly to physicians, government and public school officials who insist that you need to be vaccinated.
Download this special pdf file and learn how to protect your own kids from getting vaccinated against your will. The special report reveals the legalities you can use to avoid the dangers of immunization. Because, contrary to what the federal institutions are saying, there is actually …
NO FEDERAL LAW requiring children or adults to be vaccinated.
With that as a basis for your actions, the next time a teacher or doctor insists on giving you or your kids a shot, you don’t have to cave in to intimidation or pressure – you can use these principles from the report as a defense:
• How to respond to doctors, public health and school officials when they require you to be vaccinated
• How to use written waivers to exempt you from all compulsory laws concerning vaccination (even if you are in the Armed Forces!)
• You will learn medical and religions exemptions you can use to avoid immunization, depending on the legal wordings applicable in your state.
• More tricks of the trade, to have your legal requests to refuse immunizations for you and your family honored.
It’s Your Right to Choose!
By now, it has come to your attention that even the Federal Government and the Health Care System, is aggressively making sure that every child in America is being vaccinated – and are keeping millions of parents in the dark about their REAL options for immunizations. How do you stand up to such national institutions?

Download the report TO LEGALLY AVOID IMMUNIZATIONS OF ALL KINDS to learn about all the legal steps available so you can refuse dangerous immunizations.



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