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The Real Iran America Doesn’t Want You To See

Category : World Affairs


The Real Iran America Doesn’t Want You To See   is a beautiful photo gallery which provides a cursory but impressive peek into some salient features of modern Iranian society.  The obvious motive behind the exhibit is to help dispel myths held by many Westerners that Iran is a culturally, economically and technically backward nation.  Although the photo op does a fairly decent job in accomplishing this goal, it falls far short in highlighting the full scope of Iran’s achievements in the preservation and expansion of Persian culture; and in the field of scientific research and technological innovation.

On the surface this photo presentation may do more than capture one’s attention but, in reality, it is little more than a subtle slap-in-the-face against Muslims and the religion of Islam.  It just shows that when it comes to insulting the Islamic religion these days, whether it be done unabashedly or subtly, Western-intoxicated, anti-Islamic Iranians, Socialists, Right-Wing Christian Tea bagger Evangelicals, White Racists skinheads, the OWS crowd, and even the anti-Zionist 911 Truthers usually find themselves on common ground: they have a latent abhorrence for Islam and its followers.

The exquisite breathtaking cultural displays, the stunning architecture and real estate and sculptured landscape; the energy and resiliency shown in the faces of the people are only a small representation of Iran’s extraordinary social, cultural and industrial ascendancy since the fall of the puppet Shah. However, the captions at the beginning and end of the photo exhibit that read, “This is the Real Iran” and “The True Iran is not the Islamic Republic of Iran” imply that all of these great achievements highlighted in the photo gallery are somehow the antithesis of Islam, because, according to the Talmudic-controlled Western propaganda machine, Islam and Muslims constitute the epitome of seventh century-like backwardness.  Notice that the producers painstakingly avoided showing the presence of Muslims and anything that reflected traditional Islamic culture that is an inextricable part of Iranian society.

The social and cultural fabric in Iran is overwhelmingly Muslim, yet the producers elected to obscure this reality by focusing on the minority population. Thus the conspicuous absence of an Islamic presence throughout the presentation is harebrained and designed to mislead the misinformed public. The truth is, most everything shown in the photo-op would not have occurred had there not been an Islamic revolution led by the Ayatollah Khomeini, the result of which has made the Iranians a very proud, pragmatic and truly independent nation. Under the Shah, Iran and its people remained second-class citizens, i.e., virtual slaves who placed the economic and industrial development of their Western masters over their own domestic needs. Imam Khomeini completely overturned that colonial system and ushered in one which placed the needs of Iran above the blood-sucking, ravenous appetites of Western Imperialism.  As a result, practically all the major advancements in the sciences and technology, industrial development, education, space exploration, etc., etc., etc., have been achieved largely by devout Iranian Muslim men and women who do not neglect their daily acts of worship and devotion to God.

Contrary to Western media lies and distortions of facts, Iranian Muslims—men and women—love and encourage all forms of modernity and scientific discovery because such attitude is strongly encouraged by the Islamic religion.  What Iran’s Muslim population has distaste for is public lewdness and indecency, public intoxication from illicit drugs and alcohol, the free intermingling of unmarried couples and any social activity that threatens the security of society and violates the sanctity of religion.

There is absolutely no conflict between Islam and the highest aspirations of a modern, civilized society. Obviously, the producers of this photo gallery choose to sidestep this truth; they are just a bunch of blind, frustrated, anti-government, malcontents, venting their personal contempt for the Islam Republic by attempting to show that Iran’s achievements happened in spite of Islam, not because of it. So shame on the many viewers who made comments praising the photo presentation, who unwittingly failed to look past the surface of this photo exhibit to see the subtle but obvious assault on Islam and all devout Muslims.


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