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Who’s The Real Threat And Why The West May Want To Invade Your Country

Category : World Affairs

     Israel and the United States are painstakingly trying to convince the world that Iran is the greatest threat to world peace.  There is hardly a week that passes that the US government and the corporate controlled media don’t work tirelessly to convince an ill-informed American public that Iran is a dreadful force in the world and is a leading state sponsor of terrorism.  America and her zionist handlers insist that unless preemptive measures are taken to remove Iran’s current leadership and contain the spread of their Islamic ideology, the future of the western world will be in great peril. For the duped, ill-informed and hopelessly lost, whose source of information is limited to Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and Michael Savage, such propaganda has proven to be an effective tool for the establishment.  However, let us look at the hard facts:  Since 1979 when Iran became an Islamic republic, they have not invaded any country nor threatened to do so.   On the other hand, Israel has carried out repeated attacks on Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Gaza with impunity.  Everyplace that the US and Israel has invaded to establish a puppet regime under the guise of democracy  or in the name of stability,  the US and Israel continue to justify every one of  their interventions over the last 40 years by saying that all we want to do is bring democracy and peace.  However, those who think “outside the box” are well aware which nations have been dubbed the greatest threat to world stability.

     But if one takes a candid view of history he will clearly see that the United States has a penchant for overthrowing democratically elected governments and imposing on the people, ruthless dictators all in the name of defending our freedoms.  For example, the US did this to Cuba when it brought Bautista to power; it also did it to Iran when it overthrew the legitimate and democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammed Mussadigh and installed the tyrannical Mohammed Reza Shah, after the CIA-lead coup in 1953; they repeated a similar scenario in Chile when the US government overthrew the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende and then imposed on the people, the despotic rule of Augusto Penochet; the same tactics brought to power Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines, Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and a number of other rogue leaders during the last decades.  Every one of those US backed tyrants imprisoned, tortured and murdered their own people, took away their freedoms, rights and privileges, economically exploited them and ultimately drove them into abject poverty in order to serve their American corporate masters.

      Unfortunately, when the people rise up and revolt against tyranny they are classified in the western press as terrorists who want to harm and kill Americans only because they hate America’s  “freedoms “.  What needs to be addressed is the question of just who has been invading who since 1979, when Iran overthrew the imposed Shah and became an Islamic state.  Iran has not only refrained from attacking or invading anybody, but has not even threatened or shown the slightest degree of hostility toward any nation.  When have you heard of Iran invading and committing atrocities in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Granada, Panama, Pakistan, Libya, etc?  When is the last time you heard of Iranian agents illegally invading into a hotel, like Israeli agents did in Dubai and committing wanton acts of murder against innocent people?  When was the last time you heard of Iran attacking and murdering unarmed volunteers on an aid flotilla in international waters, stocked full of food and medicines for the besieged Palestinians in?  Answer? It hasn’t happened.  Then, who does engage in such dastardly behavior?  These invasions are conducted by the United States and Israel routinely and almost exclusively.

     Here is what the media wants you to forget about when they talk about Iran being this supposed nuclear threat to the world:  About a year ago Rose Gottemoeller Assistant Secretary of State, and Washington’s chief nuclear arms negotiator, asked Israel to sign the nuclear non proliferation treaty.  Israel refused. The UN later passed a resolution calling for Israel to sign the nuclear non proliferation treaty and submit to IAEA inspections. Israel again refused.

     Iran’s formal notification to the IAEA of their planned construction of the backup fuel rod facility underscores the fact that Iran is playing by the rules of the nuclear nonproliferation treaty which. Iran allows regular international atomic energy agency inspections of all of its facilities, demonstrating the fact that they are not hiding anything.  The IAEA and all sixteen US intelligence agencies are unanimous in agreement that Iran is not building and does not possess nuclear weapons. Iran and the United States have both signed the nuclear non proliferation treaty.  The treaty allows for the peaceful use of nuclear energy for medical research, power plants, electrical generators, etc., and all the various domestic applications that can be performed with nuclear power, all in exchange for Iran agreeing to allow periodic IAEA inspections of its facilities. Iran and the United States have signed this treaty. Israel has not.

     In 1986 Mordechai Vanunu blew the whistle and provided photographic proof that Israel is manufacturing nuclear weapons in a clandestine factory underneath the research reactor at Dimona.  Israel has made the same accusations against Iraq that it is now making against Iran, that Iraq was a threat which lead to Israel’s bombing of Iraq’s power station at Osirak.  Following the invasion of 2003, international experts, including the IAEA, examined the ruins of the power station at Osirak and found no evidence of any clandestine weapons laboratory anywhere.  Recently revealed documents have confirmed that not only does Israel have nuclear weapons, they have been trying to sell them around the world.  The British press revealed that Israel tried to sell nuclear weapons to the former racist, white-ruled, apartheid South African regime.  It was later documented that in 1965 Israel also looted between 200 and 600 lbs of weapons grade uranium from the US facilities.  These are the very opportunistic activities that this treaty was designed to prevent.

     So who’s the nuclear threat?  It can’t be Iran because Iran has clearly demonstrated that its interest in nuclear power is strictly for peaceful ends.  Iran only wants to build a power station, which they have every legal right to do.  On the other hand, Israel is enjoying a nuclear monopoly.  Israel is the only nuclear armed country not constrained by the provisions of the nonproliferation treaty in terms of what they can do with their nuclear power. It is well known that Israel has been engaged in the illegal sale of nuclear weapons for several decades.  It is the only place today where countries can go to buy clandestine nuclear weapons.   They have a monopoly on covert, clandestine nuclear weapons around the world and they don’t want to lose that monopoly because of the enormous profits they receive.  It’s like a larger version of their diamond merchant industry where it also enjoys a monopoly.  Israel maintains this posture because Israel does not like competition. They don’t like fair, competitive prices which offer the customers the ability to make competitive choices.

US law makes it a crime for the US government to give financial aid to any country in possession of nuclear weapons technology that has not signed the nuclear nonproliferation treaty or submits to IAEA inspections.  What that means is that virtually all the money that the US government has taken from your pocket in the form of tax dollars and sent to Israel over the last two decades is theft under the color of law.  In effect, that is money (over 30 million per month) stolen from the American people and given to Israel without question.  That is why the US keeps asking Israel to sign that treaty and to submit to IAEA inspections so that they will no longer be a party to a crime against the American people each time the US Treasury issues another one of those aid checks.

     So what’s the real reason that the US and Israel want to see regime change in Iran?  Banking has much to do with the answer.  For example, in Libya the bank is 100% owned by the government as opposed to being   owned by a privately run central bank.  It issues all of its currency that’s backed by gold as opposed to nothing backing the US dollar.  It issues credits and interest-free loans, which is the direct opposite of the policy of the central banks that controls the banking systems in almost all countries in the world.  This is advantageous for Libya because when you own and have full control over your banking system, you can make interest-free loans to yourself as opposed to being charged exorbitant interest on loans issued by a foreign controlled central bank.  This means that the cost of public projects can be cut by as much as 50% or more, since interest is typically half of the cost of the expenses one incurs.  In a typical 30 year mortgage, because of the interest rates, half of that payment will be interest on the loan.  California has an outstanding debt of 155 billion and almost half of that is comprised of interest. For every dollar one borrows one could conceivably pay back as double the initial amount borrowed over the life of the loan.  To receive an in depth understanding of how the fraudulent central banking system works we encourage you to watch the following video in its entirety:


     What about Libya?  In their quest for independence, Libya is not in compliance with the guidelines set by the Bank for International Settlements.  Libya prints their own money and borrows interest-free credit created by their own banks.  This stand by Libya to opt out of the Jewish-control world banking cartel and remain independent results in huge financial losses for the BIS.  Libya, along with a handful of other countries has stepped outside of the global system which demands from other nation’s tribute in the form of usurious interest rates.

     Unlike American citizens, Libyans are entitled to free medical treatment, their hospitals provide the best in the world in medical equipment; education is free; young people have the opportunity to study abroad at government expense; newlyweds receive approximately $50,000 in financial assistance; no interest state loans; due to government subsidy, the price of cars are much lower than those in Europe making them much more affordable for Libyan families; gasoline and bread costs pennies on the dollar; no taxes are assessed for those who are engaged in agriculture; the  people are generally quiet, peaceful and are not inclined to a ruckus life-style, and they are very religious.

     What infuriated the BIS is that not only did Libya step out of the global model of compliance with their guidelines; it attempted to influence other African nations to adopt the same policy.  Moreover, Libya also sought to encourage several African oil-producing nations to sell their oil in gold dinars as opposed to devalued fiat US dollar, still dubbed the world’s reserve currency.  These policies of the Libyan government placed it squarely within the cross-hairs of the increasingly incensed global elite.  It would only be a matter of time before Libya would feel its wrath.  General Wesley Clark was quite candid when he said that the few nations whose banking systems are not in compliance with the BIS are at great risk for invasion and occupation.  John Perkins, who wrote Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”, said first they try bribery to persuade you to go along with the program, if that didn’t work then they would just assassinate the leader.  If that failed to work those countries were likely to be invaded.  Libya vs the Global Elite represents two competing banking systems at play:  one, represented by the central banks, is a controlled system where private parties create fiat currency out of thin air, backed by nothing of value and then loan it to agencies in the government sector that must pay exorbitant interests for the privilege of borrowing that money.

     The other system that basically represents the banking systems found in nations like Libya is a community system where money is created by the people themselves that is usually backed up by some tangible commodities of real value like gold. This would be a system that the international banking cartel would not be able to profit from nor control.  Saddam Hussein was in the process of following a similar course of action.  Is there any wonder why his country was invaded? Libya was much further along than Iraq in its drive for independence from foreign central bank control.  Since becoming an Islamic Republic, Iran has also taken its place among the handful of nations which pose as viable competitors to the foreign central banks who are obsessed with their quest for total domination of world currency by any means necessary.

Although there are other reasons for western invasions and occupation of countries like Iraq, Libya and plans for the same in Iran, the role of oil and its critical relationship to the competitor banking systems have become the principle reasons for the illegal invasions of such countries.  If a country wants to be earmarked for invasion, just let it refuse to be controlled by the private central banks.  But the central banks that control most governments and military forces around the world cannot make a case for invading another sovereign nation solely because that   nation did not want to be subjected to their global domination.  To their credit leaders like Qaddafi and, to a lesser degree, Saddam Hussein worked to ensure that a significant portion of their countries’ oil revenues would be used to develop their educational, industrial and soci0-economic infrastructure.  These policies were a marked departure from most of the so-called third world leaders who are totally subservient to the insatiable appetites of the West.  Although not total puppets, to the international global elite, they have been guilty of tyranny and executing acts of repression against their people.

     This legacy has been the Achilles Heel for Qaddafi, who now finds his country victims of an illegal, criminal invasion by NATO forces.  The propaganda used to launch this illegal and immoral war is predicated upon outrageous lies in conjunction with the Qaddafi regimes’ shady history with regard to its treatment of public protesters.

     Furthermore, the infiltration of a few legitimate protest groups with legitimate grievances has been co-opted by CIA-Mossad operatives to topple a sovereign nation and replace its leadership subservient to the central banks.

     So, what does it take these days for a sovereign nation to avoid becoming a victim of regime change?  Actually, just about every nation is vulnerable for overthrow these days.  It is the stated ultimate goal of the international criminal syndicate to eliminate sovereignty and establish total world domination.  However, for the time being, all Heads of State should examine the checklist of their nations’   domestic and foreign policies to determine whether or not their country is vulnerable to foreign invasion:  1. Does their country possess huge oil reserves and other mineral resources?  2. Is their country able to fend off repeated, periodic, clandestine, false flag attacks, engineered by foreign offshore intelligence operatives?  3. Is the country engaged in opium poppy field production large enough to attract the attention of the big banks?  4. Is the country’s educational, industrial, technological and economic infrastructure modern and self-sufficient?  5. Is it a member of Bank for International Settlements or does it control its own central banking system?  6. Lastly, does a just social and economic system prevail within the country?  How the last question is answered may be the single most important factor in predicting a nation’s vulnerability to invasion.  If the leader is a man of integrity and administers the affairs of state in a manner as outlined in Imam ‘Ali’s (a.s.) famous letter to Malik Ashtar, he will invariably gain the respect and unbridled support of the masses.  This support of the masses will serve as the greatest source of internal security for the leader but act as a deterrent to foreign intelligence operatives.  Why? Because these psyops campaigns will find few legitimate aggrieved parties in which to co-op.  It will be extremely risky and difficult to exploit local dissent as a vehicle of toppling a sovereign nation as is currently being done in Libya.  Even if such a nation is invaded, because its leader is just and the society is free, the world community will easily be able to sift through the propaganda and clearly identify the party of good and the party of evil.

     Remember  Imam Hussein (a.s.) and the exemplary conduct of his loyal followers on the battlefield of Karbala will endure forever.  Imam Hussein (a.s.) embodied the highest level of perfection of the best of human behavior.  His followers were the best of those who emulated the best in human conduct.   While the impeccable character and conduct of Imam Hussein (a.s.)and his 72 companions’ did not preclude their assault and massacre at Karbala, their martydom ultimately inspired generations of activists to become standard bearers for social justice.   It shows that if one is a servant of truth and justice for the people, the just cause for which one sacrifices his life will be the ultimate victor and the facade of the liberators of the oppressed circulated by the enemy will be exposed for what it truly is.  No historian could ever accuse Imam Hussein (a.s.) and his heroic followers at Karbala of having any motive other than waging war in the service of God and humanity.   And in the course of that service no one could ever accuse Hussein and his 72 martyrs of injustice or ever having committed the slightest degree of moral infractions that could subsequently be used by the enemies of liberty as justification for carrying atrocious acts. Unfortunately, this example is lacking within the leadership apparatus of countries being targeted for invasion and occupation by the diabolical global criminal elite.  As long as this trend continues, the enemies of freedom will continue their vicious onslaught with impunity on this earth.

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