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The Arab Spring: Real Change Or Business As Usual?

Category : World Affairs

We are living in a period of history where the oppressed masses have made the decision to demand their rights and freedoms.  The oppressed masses are no longer willing to accept their abject third world status and continue to suffer under the iron curtain of tyranny.  From North Africa to Afghanistan and from Syria to Yemen, hordes of frustrated freedom fighters weary of decades of despotism practiced by their US/Zionist-backed puppet dictators are now demanding liberation and social justice. They are hungry for a government that serves the people rather than foreign interests and will accept nothing short of total regime change.

Since the spring of 2011 we have seen several governments fall and replaced with new governments and leadership, supposedly as a result of a popular movement of “grass roots” freedom fighters, driven by a desire for liberation and the establishment of democratic rule.  Tunisia led the way in December, 2011 when a protester set fire to himself to draw attention to police corruption and ill treatment.  That incident ignited a series of revolutionary uprisings in the Arab Middle East that, in all likelihood, will not be so easily contained.

As of October 2011, revolutions have resulted in the overthrow of three heads of state. Tunisian President Zine El Abinide Ben Ali fled to Saudi on 14 January following the Tunisian revolution protests. In Egypt, President Hosni Mubarak stepped down from office in February after only 18 days of protests.  He had ruled as President for 30 years. Former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown in August after the National Transitional Council took control of Bab al-Azizia.  Gaddafi was supposedly killed on 20 October 2011, in his hometown of Sirte by the NTC controlled Libyan resistance movement.

However, somewhere along the way this movement shows obvious signs of having been infiltrated.  A closer look into the so-called Arab Spring actually reveals an insidious, hidden agenda by those forces that constitute the real driving force behind the Middle East turmoil.  The manner in which the corporate controlled media has portrayed these popular uprisings, encourages the general public to see them solely as the works of the oppressed masses who are united to liberate their countries from the tyranny of despotic rule.  It sounds encouraging but nothing could be further from the truth.

When one examines the nature of the Arab Spring protests and uprisings, we can see a common thread that binds them together:  there is an orchestrated control and manipulation by outside forces.  Please watch the following video for some compelling  insights on this seldom discussed topic:

What sets the revolution in Libya apart from the others is that, unlike Tunisia and Egypt, Libya was invaded by NATO which committed genocide and destroyed its social and industrial infrastructure. The violent standoff in Libya before Gaddafi’s fall is exactly what would have taken place in Egypt and Tunisia, had their respective leaders not stepped down under pressure and met their “popular protesters” with armed resistance. The revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt were significantly less violent but did result in the removal of their western-backed dictators from power.  In the case of Libya, the movement was marked by extreme violence and atrocities committed by the so-called rebels fighting supposedly fighting for democracy.  The rebels were led by none other than Al Qaeda operatives who were armed, funded and directed by America and NATO forces.

Unfortunately, most activists, including many Muslims see the phenomenon known as the Arab Spring as a genuine, grass roots uprising that led to the overthrow of tyrannical dictatorships and replaced their failed systems with governments based on democracy and social justice.  Not only did the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt fail to produce the democracy and social justice the people hoped for they left the people with too many unanswered questions as to the political destiny of their nations.

There remain several other Middle East nations that are likely to follow their lead. The success in Tunisia and Egypt launched a wave of unrest that spread to Jordan, Syria.  The rebels in these countries have vowed to intensify their efforts to liberate their country and establish democratic rule.   Civil uprisings in Yemen, Bahrain, Algeria, Iraq, Jordon, Morocco and Oman, and minor disturbances in a few other countries, threatens to engulf the entire Middle East into the most volatile political upheaval in history. However, let us examine the outcome of the upheaval in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, to get some clue as to what may occur in neighboring countries.


The Arab Spring Revolutions:  Not Spontaneous


Much of the groundwork for what we are witnessing today in the Muslim world was announced in 1997 by Zbignew Brzezinski when he wrote about the plan to control Middle Eastern nations in his book ‘The Grand Chessboard’.  Later, in 2003 after the US invasion of Iraq, President George W. Bush announced a plan at a G8 meeting and called “The Greater Middle East Project”.  The plan was to control the entire Islamic world from Afghanistan and Pakistan down through Iran and Syria, the Persian Gulf oil producing states, and across North Africa all the way to Morocco.  The so-called Arab Spring has been planned years ago and the instigators have been pre-organized.  What is even more significant than what Bush and Brzezinski said is now coming out that leaders of these uprisings were trained in Belgrade, Serbia by organizations financed and directed by US Intelligence and the State Department.

The revolutions launched since the beginning of 2011 in the Middle East and North Africa were a series of strategically planned events that were cultivated by a cadre of volunteers uncommonly known as professional consultants headquartered in Belgrade Serbia. These activists operate mainly in the West and are instructed to closely monitor social trends that develop in countries ripe for revolutionary change. The right combination of frustration, anger, political corruption will signal the right timing for these consultants to intervene and co-op or hijack legitimate social unrest against  autocratic regimes throughout the Middle East that have lost favor with the west.

These so-called professional consultants are the “tools in the field” for the international banking criminal elite who control our world.  These banking cartels are the principal parties responsible for the installation of the entire core of puppet dictators whose tyrannical leadership accommodates western interests at the expense of the welfare of their own people. When the people rise up to protest against a dictator whom the US/Zionist authority still favors you will get the examples witnessed in countries like Bahrain, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, etc., where the favored despotic puppet is supported with state-of-the-art weaponry to brutally crush all opposition. When social unrest is directed against puppet dictators who have lost favor with their US/Zionist masters, you will see examples like those in Tunisia and Egypt where existing rulers are removed to make room for a fresh set of rulers more compliant.

In the words of Mark Glenn of The Ugly Truth, “this whole Arab Spring is about trading in one set of handcuffs for a newer, shinier set.   Nothing will change.”  On the surface you will see these societies become more democratized, more liberalized and perhaps, even more western.  Some, like Libya, will fall victim to an Al-Qaeda/Mossad inspired interpretation and application of Islamic law that will be backward and oppressive.  Whatever the case, the people will end up slaves just like the people in the west are.   They will be robbed of their culture, morals and religion and will become little more than materialistic consumers.  Unwittingly, they will feed the new world order system and make few waves, if at all, that challenge the legitimacy of Israel’s foreign policy objectives in the region.

It is sad to say but what happened in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya were not real revolutions in the truest sense of the word.  Unbiased investigation will reveal that the major players were trained, financed, directed, and choreographed by western intelligence operatives.  As much as we would like to believe that these were purely grassroots movements of the oppressed masses rising up against their corrupt leaders, reality reveals something quite different.  Tunisia and Egypt were clearly co-opted by western intelligence operatives; the small Libyan opposition was also co-opted by a US funded Al-Qaeda network, comprised largely of non-Libyans who took over the leadership of the unwitting rebels.  The unspeakable atrocities and mass genocide the US supported Al-Qaeda committed against innocent Libyans, along with the deliberate criminal bombardment of civilian targets completely destroyed the economic and industrial infrastructure Libya and set it back at least 100 years.  This is almost no different from the revolution we see here in the US every four years during the presidential election.  Nothing changes; the train conductor (the new president who takes office) changes but the train(the destruction of the Bill of Rights) and the route (domestic and foreign policies) remain the same.

Tunisia After The Revolution


It appears that the exuberance and euphoria over the success of the Revolution in Tunisia was a short-lived phenomenon.  The majority of young people have not seen any significant changes after the revolution.  Many Tunisians feel that their situation is much worse than before.  For instance, there have been no changes in the country’s infamous security structure.  Violence and arbitrary arrests, verbal harassment and torture continue to be practiced inside police stations and prison.  In essence, Tunisia remains a virtual police state.

The judicial system is still controlled by the old regime the majority of the highest ranking officers of the former regime are still free and the so-called trial of Ben Ali and Trabels are being white-washed.

The media is still tightly controlled by the government, nearly to the same extent it was under the deposed president, Ben Ali.

As far as Tunisia’s financial status is concerned, the banks are still under the control of the central banks and consequently, there are virtually no financial and economic changes in the country whatsoever.


Post Revolutionary Egypt


In Egypt, like Tunisia, there is a clear absence of a viable ideology around which the people can unite.  They hated the oppressive system under which they were forced to live for three decades, yet they don’t seem to fully understand the need to extricate themselves completely from dependency on the US role in Egypt’s politics.  Egypt is under total martial law with little change from the Mubarak period.  It’s as if no one recognizes the fact that although Mubarak was a total and loyal puppet to the west, he began to falter somewhat in his loyalty to the masters he so faithfully served for 30 years.  He opposed the US led invasion and occupation of Iraq and adamantly disagreed with Israel’s plans to attack Iran.


Libya After Gadaffi


The American people have been told for 10 years that the, draconian, dysfunctional government established by the brutal Taliban in Afghanistan was so repressive that it needed to be overthrown to liberate the people and protect the women.  However, take a look at Libya today and you will see the foundations being laid for the exact same system of government the US declared was so repulsive.

The flag of al-Qaeda has been flying over the headquarters of the provisional government in Libya, and yet the American people are the ones that are being treated as potential terrorists.  Meanwhile, the U.S. government has been spending billions of dollars to help al-Qaeda take power in Libya and in a cynical way of misrepresenting the Islamic religion, is helping them enslave the entire Libyan population to a brutal form of anti-Islamic “Sharia law”.  As in the case with Tunisia and Egypt there are absolutely no signs of the emergence of a truly Islamic state in Libya that anyway resembles the noble model in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Anyone who has taken the time to do the research beyond what is written about and broadcast through the Zionist-controlled media realizes that Al-Qaeda is nothing but a “bogeyman” operative of the CIA and Mossad organizations.  Its purpose is to destroy the social order of a nation and replace all forms of God-given liberties and social justice with a system that represents the very antithesis of the Godly values inherent in the Islamic religion.


How To Become A Prime Candidates for Regime Change


Third World leaders sign their death warrants when they dare buck the will of their masters just by daring to act as independent free thinkers.  In the view of the global criminal elite the dictators or “heads of state” they bring to power are puppets and their message to them is candidly clear: “If you are not 100 percent in conformity with our agenda or if you refuse to implement or even show the slightest inclination to question the legitimacy of any of the policies we assign for your country, such as the continued operation of secret ‘black’ sites where your innocent citizens are routinely kidnapped, mercilessly tortured and raped with impunity; where pornographic media are openly circulated and broadcast in your cities; where cancer and aids-tainted vaccines, along with  the sterilization programs are forced on the people; where there is the permanent destruction of your land from depleted uranium munitions; the outlawing of all non-GMO, non-terminator heirloom seeds, the forced contamination of your food and water supply with dangerous fluoride poison, the theft of your oil and the fleecing of your country’s finances by our privately owned European central banks, such infractions will be grounds for your removal from power.”  If you dare stray in those “forbidden areas” of foreign policy such as discussing Israel’s unprovoked premeditated attacks on the USS Liberty in 1967, that killed 34 American sailors and the USS Cole in 2000 that killed 17 more; or Israel’s leadership and direct involvement in the planning and execution of the terrorist attacks on 911; or its assassinations of Muslim and Arab leaders; but most importantly, should you dare to be bold enough to actually use your power as leader to build a strong nation and earmark the revenues from the sale of natural resources to eliminate poverty and illiteracy, improve the quality and raise the standard of life of your people,  then that will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. We will then foment revolutions in your countries right under your feet or send NATO and our Al-Qaeda operatives to your country to completely destroy it.  We will demonize you, find you and kill you and drag your body in the streets before the cameras of the world and bring your life to a humiliating end.  We are sending a message to every leader on the planet that if you dare to stand up and challenge us, what you saw happen in Iraq, and most recently in Libya and what we are planning to do in Syria and Iran, we will do the same to you and your country. We cannot tolerate puppet dictators losing sight of their ultimate objective as a puppet: to solidify and preserve Israel’s position in the Middle East and ensure that no group or movement will ever emerge to challenge her nefarious global aspirations.  We demand your complete loyalty as dictators.  In the eyes of the global elite a dictator is one who does never dictates but rather follows orders dictated to him from his foreign masters.

Practically all of the heads of state in the Middle East, as well as throughout Asia and Africa (with the exception of Gadaffi), are puppet dictators of the Zionist/Western power structure.  Rather than work for what is in the best interest of their nation, their primary job is to ensure that the interest of their Zionist masters is preserved, promoted and protected, even at the expense of their peoples’ liberties and freedoms. The reckless policy of these western-backed puppet dictators is the principle reason for the illiteracy, abject poverty, unemployment, deindustrialization, drug addiction, chronic disease, forced genocidal inoculations, hunger, environmental pollution and social immorality that is now rampant throughout the Middle East and parts of North Africa.


Where Gadaffi Went Wrong


When it comes to leaders Gaddafi, like Saddam Hussein, was no knight in shining armor. He definitely has a checkered past and during his reign as dictator there have been numerous charges against his regime of human rights abuses.  He may never have been an official puppet of the West but past political activities suggests that his position as leader served their imperialist interests. Many Muslim activists still suspect him of being complicit with western interests in the kidnapping and disappearance of the great scholar and activist Musa Sadr during his visit to Libya over 30 years ago.  Musa Sadr’s fate continues to remain a mystery to this day.

If Gaddafi was an evil dictator, Saddam Hussein, who was one of the most brutal and oppressive dictators in world history, was obviously far worse.  Both, despite their tyrannical rule, believed that their country and its society should experience domestic benefits and services from the revenues generated from the sale of its crude oil. As a consequence the Iraqi people were getting a great deal of social, economic and technological gains they needed and wanted and he was popular. Saddam improved the school system in Iraq and literacy for women was phenomenal for that of an Arab country at the time.  However, Gaddafi was the most benevolent dictator—if such a person exists—in modern history by virtue of the incredible social, educational and technological achievements he is said to have accomplished for his people.

The Libyan government constructed an elaborate social welfare system that included many free services. For example, all electrical utilities were available to Libyan citizens free of charge.   Banks in Libya are state owned as opposed to being controlled by foreign central banks. Libya owed no foreign debt, an achievement sufficient to earn it the wrath of the criminal central bankers. Loans were provided to Libyans with zero percent interest. By law owning one’s home was considered a human right in Libya.  Gaddafi vowed that he and his family would continue to live in a tent until every Libyan could afford a home. At the time of the conquest of his country, Gaddafi and his wife continued to live in a tent. All newly weds received $60,000 dinars ($50,000) to buy their first apartment to jump start their family.  A mother who gave birth received $5,000.  All education and medical treatments were free. Libyan paid 100% of all expenses of students studying abroad.  Upon their graduation, they eagerly returned to Libya because they knew they could easily find a good paying job in their new profession.  Before Gaddafi, only 25% of the Libyans were literate; at the time of his ouster the figure rose to 83%. During the last years of Gaddafi’s rule 25% of Libyans received a university degree. If any Libyan wanted to pursue a career in farming they would receive land, a house, farming equipment, seeds and livestock free of charge to launch their new farm enterprise. If Libyans could not find the educational and medical facilities in their country the government would find them and cover  their expenses to travel abroad to visit those facilities.  Under Gaddafi’s leadership if a Libyan bought a car the government would subsidize 50% of the price. At the time of the invasion the price of gasoline was only 14 cents per liter!  If a Libyan experienced difficulty finding a job after graduation from college the state would pay the average salary customary for his chosen profession until employment was found.  Before the invasion a portion of Libya’s oil revenues was credited directly into the bank accounts of every Libyan citizen.    Food was cheap.  Forty loaves of bread costs only 15 cents!    Gaddafi carried out the world’s largest irrigation project called the great man made river project. A huge under water aquifer system developed by Libya allowed Libyans to become self-sufficient.

Libya had one of the highest standards of living in Africa before the invasion.  Libya has vast amounts of the most high sought after oil reserves: light, sweet, crude.  The desire to obtain this variety of crude is what has attracted Western buyers. Libya was a beacon of light in Africa and developed warm and friendly relations with many countries there. He always helped them to fund development projects. He encouraged these nations to stay away from the yoke of the International Monetary Fund, which has only plundered and further impoverished third world nations for decades under the guise of development.  Gaddafi also encouraged the African nations to develop their own currency, the gold dinar, so that they could escape the financial colonization of the West.   This action would have eliminated because as the gold dinar would have been the currency of choice to purchase goods and services.  This would have threatened the economies of western nations and also empowered the people of Africa, something black activists say the US wanted to avoid at all costs.

The CIA, MI6 and the Mossad are responsible for the murder and total destruction of Libyan cities.  Look at the pictures of Libya before the bombardment by NATO.  Compare it with the pictures after NATO’s terror campaign. The mainstream media has been intentionally silent about the wanton atrocities carried out by NTC Al-Qaeda rebels. The Black population in Libya who were pro Gadaffi were targeted by these rebels and killed in horrible ways:  as many as 30 thousand Blacks were systematically tortured and mutilated with the media turning a blind eye to reports of mass graves and entire towns completely emptied of its people.  NATO helped to kill thousands with its cluster bombings of civilian areas and whoever was missed by the bombings, the NTC would come in and finish the job.  The US, UK, France—members of NATO have committed unspeakable crimes against humanity and the world needs to know about it.


Is There Hope For The Future?


The revolutions, known as the Arab Spring were a sham and can hardly be compared to the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979.  That revolution and the message of Imam Khomeini became a lesson for the oppressed peoples of the world that complete deliverance of a nation from the jaws of tyranny and despotism comes not from just a desire of the people to be free or being organized, but also when the masses are infused with the transforming power of a pure Islamic world-view along with a divinely inspired leadership to guide it to a truthful and lasting end.  These elements were conspicuously absent in the Arab Spring.

Some of the revolts throughout the Middle East and North Africa may have, for the time being, been hijacked by highly skilled, cunning western operatives.  Within their secret circles they may likely boast and gloat over their latest successes over the so-called “dumb” Arab masses.  But leave them alone to gloat over their successes; they will be short-lived, at best.  As the masses become more focused and  unwavering in their struggle against tyranny and despotism the momentum created by the Arab uprisings will not end but continue to expand exponentially.  This is because loss and betrayal are just the first stage of the revolution that will become a powerful learning process for the forsaken grassroots activists. As soon as the people fully understand how their legitimate struggle for human rights and liberties had been co-opted by western surrogates posing as sympathizers and promoters of democracy with full complicity of their local corrupt government leaders, their collective rage and indignation will know no bounds.  This new awakening will mark the beginning of a second round of revolutionary fervor, that will be driven by people more shrewd and seasoned in their political insight and less likely to be deceived by subsequent tactics of the enemy. The people will grow less tolerant of any group which claims to serve the interests of the people.  If, for example, it turns out that the so-called Muslim Brotherhood that seeks to establish a government based on Islamic law is also exposed as yet another tool of western intelligence, the enraged masses will quickly destroy it.

As long as the people remain victims of extreme forms of social injustice and economic deprivation, no form of western intrigue or draconian martial law will be sophisticated or brutal enough to contain the next rounds of revolutionary zeal that the betrayed and irate masses will exhibit.  Ultimately, this massive reawakening that has been co-opted will rebound, expose the infiltrators and set the stage for the prophetic final revolution which will be lead by the long awaited savior of humanity, Imam Mahdi (a.s.).  He will remove every form of corrupt leadership and fill the earth with peace and justice after it had been completely overrun by endless war and reckless tyranny.  Until that final victory emerges, let us pray that, in the interim, subsequent rounds of revolutionary advances will quickly resume throughout North Africa and the Middle East and inspire higher levels of Islamic consciousness among the rank and file of those nations.  When that happens, the real change the people will long for and ultimately achieve will no longer be dismissed as business as usual.




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