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As Environmental Tyranny Threatens Our World The Mercy Of Allah Still Prevails

Category : World Affairs

If trees were pens and the oceans ink, never could an account be written that could contain all the various ways Allah’s Beneficence continues to rescue mankind from the evil consequences of its heedlessness and reckless behavior.   This unbroken truth helps explain why Allah’s all-encompassing Mercy is evident in every quarter of human activity.  There is no scarcity in the mercy that Allah bestows on His creation nor is there ever a time when He is derelict in His commitment to inspire man with knowledge to overcome even the most ominous predicaments of his own making:   And whom Allah guides, there is none that can lead him astray. Qur’an 39:37-38.  He whom Allah guides is rightly guided; but he whom Allah leaves to stray, for him wilt thou find no protector to lead him to the Right Way. Qur’an 18:17.  Allah is Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem (The most Beneficent and the most Merciful).  Muslims throughout the globe, announce this good news of God’s All-Embracing Love and Compassion for His creation each time they recite the five daily prayers, as denoted in the words:  “In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent, the most Merciful….”

Allah is love and He desires for humanity only what is in their best interest.  Yet, owing to mankind’s abominable record of misbehavior throughout history, it has often demonstrated that it deserves nothing more than  Allah’s Justice as is illustrated in the following verse:  And if Allah were to punish men for their wrongdoing. He would not leave therein a living creature, but He gives them respite till an appointed term, and when their term is come, they cannot remain behind a single hour, nor can they go ahead of it. Qur’an 16:62.  The meaning is that if Allah were to bring mankind to justice for its transgression, He would not have found any human worthy of life on this earth.  But Allah’s Justice, which is forever irreproachable, is always tempered with His inexhaustible capacity for Mercy and Compassion. That is why we are encouraged to pray to Allah that He behaves toward us according to His Mercy and Compassion and not solely through His Justice.

God’s preference is always to extend to us more of His Mercy than we deserve.  Hence, whether one is God’s most obedient devotee or His most rebellious adversary, we can all rest assured that Allah, out of His inestimable capacity for unrequited love, will continue to extend to all His servants, at least a  measured but  unremitting outpouring of beneficence.  Such is the Magnanimous nature of All Mighty Allah—Our Lord, Master, Protector and Sustainer of the universe.  Although His Mercy is available to both believers and unbelievers alike, Allah’s preference is that everyone be in a spirit of willful compliance and resignation  to His Will.

It is Allah ta’ala (the most High) who has given mankind the unique capacity for free will and He desires that man exercises it so that he make the best choices and avoid evil.  This unique attribute of free will to make one’s own choices has been given to humankind because Allah says that there is no compulsion in religion:  Chapter 2:256 of the Holy Qur’an.

Unfortunately, history shows that the majority of humankind has failed to excercise this unique attribute of freedom of choice in the best ways.  Consequently, the history of civilization has been one that is replete with corruption.  The human record is rife with accounts of reckless, criminal misbehavior toward the disenfranchised and downtrodden.  The vast majority of this felonious activity stems from the mischief of rogue government administrations.  Through lies, deceptions, distortion and suppression of truths, outlaw nations have achieved their political objectives, often at the expense of millions of innocent lives.  A classic example of such horrific misbehavior is evident when examining recent accounts of state-sponsored terror:  The execution of pre-meditated false flag events such as the manufactured attack in the Gulf of Tonkin that launched the Vietnam war and lead to the deaths of over 60,000 American military personnel and hundreds of thousands of innocent Vietnamese;  the US government-staged 911 terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 that were unjustifiably blamed on Muslims; the premeditated government-staged London bombings of 2007;  the CIA/Mossad-staged Mumbai and Fort Hood massacres; the government’s staging of the shoe, underwear or Christmas bomber incidents; etc., are just a few examples of how hidden agenda is pursued under the guise of promoting freedom and democracy to justify the expansion of endless, illegitimate wars for global conquest, corporate profits and the suppression of human rights and liberties.  These developments constitute a glaring example of out-of-control global tyranny on a scale unprecedented in history and confirms that governments, typically, do not conduct their affairs in ways that serve the best interest of the people.

Indeed, government corruption is rampant and, given its sordid history, cannot be trusted to support and defend the rights of the people even during times of national disaster.  For example:  the devastation done to our oceans and natural terrain from oil spills and the blatant mismanagement of their cleanup; failure to act decisively in protecting the public from the life-threatening effects of waste contamination from radiation, nuclear fallout and EMF contamination, are yet more glaring examples of a government that does not serve and protect its people. The consequences of these reckless policies have so devastated our world that, short of divine intervention, damage to all life-sustaining ecosystems on the planet may be irretrievable.  Most people have not the slightest clue of this threat nor are they aware of the relentless, clandestine, cloak-and-dagger campaign being waged against them by an elitist group of social engineers.  Their aim is to affect radical world population reduction through the incremental contamination of our air, water and food supplies; forced vaccinations and prescription drugs, and the deliberate expansion of radiation contamination throughout our environment.


The Radiation Problem


Of all the environmental contaminants that assault our lives, the irradiation of our planet is especially critical because everything is adversely affected by it.  It is the most insidious of all toxic threats because it is an invisible, odorless, colorless, tasteless particulate that readily mixes with the air, water, soil, live stock and food supplies and cannot be detected apart from special high end technical devices.  This threat also comes to us in the form of WiFi and other forms of electromagnetic radiation that have completely saturated our living spaces.  Life-threatening radiation and nuclear fallout that results from natural disasters or shear negligence is serious enough but when it is covered up by government propaganda  in concert with the nuclear industry and the mainstream news media, it becomes a criminal act requiring independent investigation and prosecution.

One of the most serious sources of radiation contamination is nuclear waste from depleted uranium weapons used in all wars for the past several decades.  These uranium-based armaments are tools of genocide that maim and kill millions of innocent people and cause horrific health consequences for those who survive their assault.   Produce, livestock and the land itself will continue to be contaminated because uranium 238, which is the form of munitions deployed in the Middle East and Central Asia, has a half-life of 4.5 billion years.  That means that a billion people and their land are sustaining a permanent and continual presence of contamination.

The extensive use of so-called depleted uranium weapons in past and current wars in the Middle East since 1991 has created enormous amounts of radiation contamination in that region and in the US.  In Iraq alone, the United States, along with its small coalition of nations, used radioactive weapons to cripple Iraq’s defenses and destroy significant numbers of its population, first during the Gulf War in 1991 and again with the second and current occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq since 2003.

US and coalition forces are poisoning the very population they are supposedly seeking to liberate and while U.S. citizens and Iraqis are dying, the Pentagon insists that depleted uranium is safe for the troops. This strange position of the Pentagon was taken despite the fact that many US Army training videos and manuals warn of the hazards posed by radiation to the body, land, food and water supply. Yet, throughout 1996, these videos sat on a shelf, while U.S. soldiers continued to use and work with dangerous depleted uranium munitions.  Still today the vast majority of servicemen and women in the U.S. military, and likely in the armed forces of other countries, which are developing or have obtained depleted uranium munitions, are also unaware of the real dangers these weapons pose.  Many are, surprisingly,  ignorant of the protective clothing and procedures available which can minimize or prevent serious short-term exposure.

This blatant disregard for the scientific and medical data that proves that these weapons are destroying the environment and the people is a totally unacceptable.  Many observers have rightly dubbed the indiscriminate use of these weapons as a crime against humanity.  Since that time hundreds of tons of depleted uranium munitions have been used during the most recent invasions in Iraq, Lebanon, Gaza and Afghanistan.  Some observers believe the use of these weapons dramatically worsened the impact that radioactive contamination would have on the people in that region.  Here again, the main stream media outlets were complicit with the military in covering up these atrocious genocidal acts against the innocent people of those nations. Moreover, the US and its allies have deliberately covered up and denied DU’s damaging health effects, and refused to release information on the amounts, types and locations of these weapons, especially within Iraq.  As a consequence, thousands of Iraqi, Afghani and Palestinian people are suffering from such radiation-related diseases as cancer, congenital malformations and grotesquely deformed fetuses, malignancies, congenital heart diseases, chromosomal aberrations and multiple malformations. Women in these contaminated areas suffer high rates of miscarriages and sterility.

Not unlike the suffering of the Afghani and Iraqi people from radiation contamination, US servicemen and women returning from their tours of duty in the Middle East are now facing similar destructive health issues that are being covered up by both the US military and the mainstream news journals.  These service personnel inevitably infect their spouses by transferring to them their own DU contamination, which often results in severe illness and the birth of seriously deformed offspring.

The continued use of DU by American armed forces, despite life-threatening health warnings from research scientists about its permanent destructive nature is, without question, a war crime.  To borrow a poignant quote from an anonymous source, “….the use of DU is a crime against humanity which may, in the eyes of historians, rank with the worst atrocities of all time.  US Afghan and Iraqi military veterans are on DU death row, waiting to die.”


Domestic Contamination


Another area of the health hazards associated with radiation exposure involves the use of the so-called naked body scanners found at a growing number of airports throughout  North America.   These machines are being operated illegally by the TSA and exposes airline passengers to as much as 20 times the safe levels established by the EPA.  Some of these scanners are the equivalent of 440 conventional x-rays!  Health officials estimate that these machines will result in thousands of leukemia and other forms of cancer cases in the coming months.  There is already a surge in cancer rates among TSA workers who conduct the dangerous full body x-ray scans.  The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) says that it has official documents that reveal the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) deliberately ignored warnings that airport body scanners pose a serious health risk.

Another area of concern is cell phone towers the use of cell phones, computers, and other devices which generate EMF radiation. Last year there were 70,000 cases of brain and eye tumors reported as a direct result of cell phone radiation. Estimates are that by 2011 there will be 300,000 to 500,000 cases of brain tumors, male infertility and a host of other severe and chronic diseases. These numbers are based on an adult averaging 500 minutes of cell phone use per month.  Just imagine what the numbers will be for many children who often average many more minutes of cell phone usage than do adults.  The bottom line is that children are unquestionably the most vulnerable to the hazards of radiation.

As is the case with depleted uranium and naked body scanners, the difficulty in ascertaining the actual truth regarding the safety of cell phones is an ongoing problem.  Why?  Because experts at the establishment-driven American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute, World Health Organization and the United States Food and Drug Administration reflect a consensus that there is no cause for concern; that all wireless phones sold in the United States meet government regulations that limit their radio frequency (RF) energy to levels the government determines to be safe.  However, some of the more recent research not only contradicts these findings but concludes that children are at the greatest risk for developing brain cancer as a result of cell phone use.  Let the reader and earnest researcher be the judge.


One of the most ominous developments in the problem of radiation contamination occurred at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan.  The recent nuclear power plant catastrophe that occurred there involved the melt down of five of the six nuclear power plants.  Many experts feel that the earth quake that caused the Kashmir diaster constitutes the worst in history–far worse than what occurred at Chernobyl in 1986.  The meltdown released the deadliest forms of radiation contamination known to man. Tremendous quantities of radioactive materials were discharged into the atmosphere and  into the ocean from the Fukushima meltdowns.  The release of uranium, cesium, radioactive iodine, strontium and plutonium isotopes from this disaster are some of the deadliest components of radiation contamination.  They are  not only impacting the Japanese population but, owing to the fact that the North American continent is in the direct path of daily wind currents traveling from Japan, the health of many Americans is already in serious jeopardy.  Its effects will be felt long term because the half life of many of the radioactive isotopes that comprise the fallout will wreak havoc world-wide and will continue to contaminate the globe for thousands of years. This disaster, not unlike the aftermath of the Chernobyl tragedy, will result in a dramatic increase in cases of sterility, cancer and premature deaths throughout the world in the coming years.  According to Helen Caldecott and the New York Academy of Sciences over a million people died as a result of the Chernobyl disaster.   From all indications, this disaster in Fukushima could be at least 20 times worse than what occurred at the Chernobyl plant.

Notwithstanding this fact, the Japanese and United States governments, the nuclear power industry and news media organs have done an incredibly efficient job in covering up the full extent of and seriousness of the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe.  They have conspired to downplay the significance and full extent of this disaster.  Japanese and American authorities, presumably in an effort to prevent mass hysteria, have engaged in a cover-up of the true scale of the Fukushima crisis from start to finish, and they have been largely aided by an unscrupulous  mass media that has slavishly parroted their lies without question, despite the fact that there is a long history of such conduct in Japan.  To give you a good insight on just how horrible the Fukushima tragedy was, despite being played down by the mainstream media, an earlier radio broadcast illustrated the urgency of this situation:

The inhumaneness  and immorality of the United States and Japanese political leaders to deliberately lie and suppress the facts of this danger while knowing the whole truth has consequently kept a significant number of both the Japanese and American populations ignorant and thus unprepared to know exactly what protective measures  are currently available for themselves and their home environments. This process has only put the Japanese people in greater danger.  Not only can an informed public know that this is, perhaps, the worse nuclear disaster in world history, it can also discover what incredible resources are available for use to protect themselves and even reverse much of the damage already done due to the current radioactive fallout.  Unfortunately, if you are depending on a government agency, the corporate media or the orthodox medical establishment to provide help in this area you will be sadly disappointed.

In addition to the nuclear radiation fallout from the Fukushima disaster, we still must contend with all the disbursement of deadly radioactive particles still active from all the previous nuclear plant meltdowns throughout the world;  the irresponsible use of depleted uranium in the illegal, immoral and unjust wars being waged throughout  the Middle East and other countries for the past 40 years; the radiation fallout from the senseless surface and underground explosions at nuclear test sites;  the dangerous levels of radiation emanating from our cell phones;  the excessively high levels of radiation travelers are exposed to each time they are forced to pass through the very dangerous naked body scanners at airports; and the rapid spread of harmful EMF radiation produced from the expansion of  WiFi environments at school campuses, libraries, etc. despite public protests.


These are just a few of the blatant examples of out-of-control tyranny.  Whenever there is mainstream media complicity with the government  to suppress the truth about the scope of life-threatening disasters, either naturally occurring or artificially manufactured; when both these entities work in concert to suppress the truth about the risks of continued public exposure to unsafe levels of radiation from both hand-held and public scanning devices; and when there is a conspicuous absence of information about what the public can do to prevent and even reverse much of the destructive damage by radioactivity; it represents the worse kind of tyranny.  Moreover, when the mainstream medical establishment exposes its incompetence in failing to recommend proven, effective treatments for public radiation exposure but instead, attempt to convince the public that there is currently no effective medical treatment available for counteracting moderate levels of radiation contamination, it is guilty of the worst kind of fraud.

Contrary to such disinformation one would expect to hear from the orthodox medical community, there is no limit to the ways Allah’s Mercy benefits humankind with regard to its health and the health of the environment.  Among them are the vast natural resources throughout the earth from which a myriad of curative and beneficial products can be derived.  These facts can equip scientists with the knowledge and insight to discover yet more of the curative powers found in various forms of earth and plant raw material.  This Mercy from Allah can even come in the form of more creative uses of existing technology that can harness and transform cosmic forces to achieve incredible protective and lasting benefits.



Notwithstanding the dismal realities of our toxic world, there is good news for those who recognize the enormity of this problem and then patiently persevere to achieve a viable solution.  The first step is to minimize the powerful daily distractions in our lives like television, radio, movies, concerts, professional sporting events long enough to reflect on real issues,  the problematics of global contamination.  Then, recognize the need to escape the narrow boundaries of a mind controlling mainstream media and research the truth independently from credible alternative news sources.  As you discover the truth about what is really happening in the world share these truths with friends and relatives. Start thinking outside the box.  Next, begin asking the hard questions.    Openly challenge the bogus claims that the government is passing off as truth.  This approach is the best prerequisite move we can make to more easily identify the distorted picture of our environment we are shown by the establishment-controlled media.

Natural Remedies

Our life-sustaining resources are being adversely impacted by radiation particulates that float over our air space and land on our produce-bearing trees and plants, and into our water supplies. This problem is so alarming, considering the fact that all of us take in daily doses of radiation contamination from the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink without ever being conscious of the dangers involved.  Then, what can be done? First of all, radiation in the body always looks for hard surfaces.  The hardest surface in our bodies is our bones.  Radio activity slices through the cell membranes and fixes on to the bones where it becomes an oscillating unit of destructive radio activity.  If nothing is done, accelerated aging, diabetes, arthritis and other chronic diseases will become the sad lot of hundreds of thousands of people in Japan, Asia and the Middle East and North America.  Everyone is talking about the need to take iodine supplements and that is a very wise choice for thyroid protection.  However, while potassium iodide supplementation is an essential part of the protocol for radiation protection, it will only occupy and protect the thyroid gland from dangerous radioactive iodine contamination.  The bigger challenge comes from full body irradiation. When you inhale the radioactive particulates, they pass through the throat, sinuses, and rapidly spread throughout the entire body.

This contamination consists of radio nuclides, which are heavy metals that invade the cells of the organs and bones, and continue to emit radioactivity permanently and  will continue to destroy tissue until it is removed.  The remedy is to consume large amounts of natural antidotes and purge the body of these radioactive heavy metals with certain herbal combinations used for flushing and detoxing the kidneys and the liver.  Take baths with baking soda and consume, selected organic green plants drinks for overall body cleansing and detoxification, along with consuming cilantro which is a powerful chelator of heavy metals, including the radioactive forms, from the body.

Allah has programmed our bodies to resist that disease process by utilizing its stores of metabolic enzymes like catalase and superoxide dismutase (SOD) and the tripeptide glutathione.  If unopposed radio activity will eventually deplete enough of the body’s natural stores of these three critical enzymes and the person will die.  Thus, the obvious thing to do is to radically increase one’s consumption of foods rich in these three super antioxidant enzymes and/or increase our intake of these same components through nutritional supplements.  The very dangerous nuclear ions that comprise radiation contamination in the body oxidize the tissues of its victims and are the chief cause of free radical activity in the body.  These powerful metabolic enzymes and antioxidants routinely block this destructive process by radically reducing free radical activity in the cells.  Thus, if high levels of these substances can be maintained in the body there is a good possibility that the lives of many victims of radiation exposure can be saved. This regimen alone was sufficient to cure many thyroid cancer victims of the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 and can be just as effective today in treating victims of nuclear fallout and radioactive waste contamination today.

In addition to this regimen, the use of kelp, resveratrol, selenium yeast, red sour grapes, tannic acid, chaga, potassium iodide, the juice and oil of wild oregano will radically increase critical glutathione levels in the body.  80% of the damage that occurs to the human body is from the oxygen radicals.  If one can shut down this metabolic process, one’s chances of surviving all forms of nuclear fallout can increase significantly.  The main products rich in these free radical scavengers are the glutathione based wild oregano oil and juice, organic cumin and coriander spices; these substances have been shown to raise glutathione levels up to 700%. Catalase and SOD found in Chaga tea, and made from a wild, intricate, parasitic growth found on birch trees that sucks out the tar from its bark, easily synthesizes up to 10 tons of SOD.  Studies show that Chaga, because of its extremely high SOD content, protects the bone marrow and is extremely effective in treating radiation damage.  Details about Chaga can be found in the book “The Cure Is In The Forest”.  According to British medical cancer journal of 2005 these raw materials have also been shown to stop radiation induced acute lung injury from massive radiation exposure. This is important because the beneficial free radical scavengers that comprise these powerful antioxidants will literally eat the cancer out of the thyroid and eliminate the goiter altogether.

The Miraculous Healing Power Of Clay


Another incredible substance that Allah ta’ala has provided mankind comes from calcium bentonite clay.  Fortunately, it is very affordable for the average person. This is an amazing substance that is one of the world’s most powerful and effective purifiers and detoxifiers.   The Russians supposedly used tons of this substance to decontaminate their soils, food supplies and achieved remarkable success following the nuclear power plant disaster at Chernobyl.

For anyone suffering radiation fallout it is recommended to take clay baths, drink clay mixed with water, juice and/or food as a preventative measure or as a remedy for the removal of any form of contamination, i.e., toxic drug residues, pesticides, harmful bacteria, parasites, heavy metals and all forms of radiation contamination from the body.  In addition to these extraordinary benefits, it provides hundreds of other life-changing, miraculous health benefits too numerous to mention here.  Calcium bentonite clay will literally remove substantial amounts of radiation contamination from produce and when  mixed with the soil in vegetable gardens, will prevent the absorption of radiation contamination into plants grown in that soil. 


How The Clay Works


Heavy metal radioactive isotopes that enter our bodies through breathing, drinking and eating, are fitted with a moderate positive ionic charge.  The bentonite clay has a very strong negative charge.  It has a very powerful attraction to any substance with a positive ionic charge.  All harmful substances that invade the body have a positive ionic charge.  Thus, when the bentonite clay, in only small amounts, comes in contact with those positively charged harmful substances, it will draw them to itself, capture it and hold it until the newly created toxic-clay mixture is expelled from the body.  This is obviously one of the great signs and benefits of Allah’s Mercy that He created substances that are harmful to body with a positive ionic charge and the natural antidotes like calcium bentonite clay with a very powerful negative charge instead of a positive one.  This is just one of countless examples that we can use to reflect on how perfectly balanced and awesome is God’s creation.  Allah, in His infinite Wisdom and Knowledge yet again demonstrates His all-encompassing Love and Compassion for His servants by providing a very effective and proven means that we can utilize as an option to escape such a disastrous and life-threatening predicament as radiation contamination.  Listen, now, to a recent radio talk show broadcast from The Power Hour that discusses the astonishing benefits of  calcium bentonite clay.  This is information everyone needs to hear.



Zeolites have been known for their unusual capacities to neutralize many forms of radiation contamination.  They are microporous, aluminosilicate minerals commonly used as a commercial absorbant. Their alumino-silicate construction is extremely durable and resistant to radiation even in porous form.  To illustrate how powerful this material is as an absorbant, sandbags of zeolite were dropped into the seawater near the Fukushima nuclear plant to adsorb radioactive caesium that was present there in high levels.  The proper type of zeolite is called clinoptilolite.  It is a safe, tasteless natural mineral that can be taken in a capsule form with any liquid or can be taken as a powder mixed with any liquid or food.  The Russians baked their zeolite into cookies to get it into irradiated children and fed zeolite to cattle to remove radiation from the cattle and milk. The radioactive heavy metals that become airborne dust will make its way into the body through drinking water, air and food, bind into  zeolite’s cage-like structure after the minerals are ingested into the body.  The radiated heavy metals are then carried out of the body, attached to the zeolite minerals along with other contaminants that greatly reduces the radiation in the body.  Information learned from the use of zeolite following the Chernobyl disaster showed that repeated doses of zeolite continued to remove the radiation

Black Mica


Perhaps the most extraordinary and miraculous of all the known raw materials Allah ta’ala has made available for us is Black Mica.  Some of the best mineral formulations on earth, including zeolites that we just mentioned, are derived from Black Mica.  Black Mica [left click to download link to listen to radio broadcast] comes to us from the pristine areas of Fuji. It is said to be an unbelievably powerful substance at removing toxins, including radioactive contamination from the body, and restoring the Earth to its natural balance.  It can be placed in the absolute worst contaminated water and that water can quickly be transformed into the equivalent of pure spring water one would find at a natural spring.  According to the experts, it is not only the fastest way to completely purify water but one of the best ways to remineralize and detoxify the body.  Supposedly, by drinking water treated with black mica extract, one can rid himself of years of accumulated stores of harmful, health-destroying toxic poisons like fluoride, chlorine, and all heavy metal contamination.  Fortunately, there are products marketed derived from this extract.  Unfortunately, the up-front costs makes it cost prohibitive for many people.  But since only a minute quantity is required to treat large volume of water, the long term use would be cost effective.  

In summary, the claims made about the extraordinary environmental transforming powers of black mica as well as the incredible health rejuvenating benefits to the human body are too numerous to mention here.  Do your own research to discover the truth for yourself.     


Radiation Shields


The latest in technological advances have seen the marketing of a number of devices that claim to protect people who wear them from harmful xrays, EMF and other forms of non-ionizing radiation.  It appears that the development of this technology is right on time because, according to Andrew Weil, M.D., “Electromagnetic pollution may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible.”  Fortunately there may be hope as several companies are now marketing specially calibrated shields for cell phones and bluetooth devices, laptop and microwave ovens, house  and personal body shields.  All are designed to reformat harmful EMF radiation from all cellular and cordless phones, computers, iPods, home electrical circuitry, etc. into harmless, harmonious waves when touching or working in close proximity with electrical appliances.  They are said to transform any hazardous micro/radio field generated within a high tech office or home environment into powerful balancing fields of protection.  The question is will such devices actually work?  Oviously, further research is needed to draw any conclusions one way or another.  In the meantime, if one has the financial resources and has the time to conduct his own personal research, why not?


Do All These Benefits Of Allah’s Mercy Extend To The Poor?


We have seen how Allah has provided out of His bounty several proven means to prevent and even remove dangerous contaminations such as radiation from our bodies as well from our food and water supply.  If the protective devices being developed for the public for protection against dangerous EMF signals prove successful, then yet another dimension of God’s Mercy will have emerged to minimize the impact of this newest threat.  However, all of these natural remedies heretofore discussed along with the remarkable technological devices presented thus far come with some cost.  Unfortunately, there will always be many without the financial means to take advantage of these blessings that Allah has provided.  That is perfectly understandable.  However, Allah’s Mercy is not restricted to any class of people, be they rich or poor, Muslim or Christian, etc.  Let us not forget, there is another medium through which those with limited financial resources can still experience the workings of Allah’s Mercy:  that is through the power of du’a (supplication) and reciting His unadulterated Word as contained in the Holy Qur’an.  That power is a resource freely available for anyone, regardless of race, religion and financial circumstance.  It is a power that can be utilized any time, any place and when sought with sincerity and strength of conviction, is guaranteed to work.  That resource has been shown to be the key that has unlocked the door to the greatest treasures of Allah’s Mercy.   Some of the most dramatic examples of His Mercy have been demonstrated as a result of believers performing certain prescribed prayers and/or the recitation of selected passages from the Holy Qur’an.  There is absolutely no problem facing mankind that cannot be overcome by the power of prayer and the recitation of the God’s Word. There are literally thousands of prescriptions for solving any number of personal, social and economic problems, as well as complete cures for the most serious of  illnesses.  By offering special prayers (ad’iyah) and/or reciting selected chapters or verses from the Holy Qur’an any muslim can experience incredibly favorable and lasting benefits.

Take note of the power of God’s Word as is conveyed to us by several sayings from the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.) and the sixth Holy Imam Ja’afer As Sadiq (a.s.)  The Holy Prophet (S.A.) said that if one recites chapter 95, At-Tin, over his food Allah would remove the harm and injury from that food and would produce a cure in it even though it might be poisonous.  In the book “Khawwasal  Qur’an” there is a saying attributed to the  Holy Prophet (S.A.) that “whoever recites chapter 106, entitled Al-Quraish,  and then blows over it, that food would never cause harm to the eater.   He also said that if chapter 95 is recited over the food he is about to eat, Allah would keep away any harm  from it even though lethal poison might be mixed in the food.  Instead, Allah ta’ala would produce a cure for the believer who partakes of that food.  Imam Ja’afer As-Sadiq (a.s.) also said that if chapter 95 is recited over a food about which there is some apprehension concerning its safety, there would be produced in it a cure for every ailment suffered by whoever plans to eat the food.  Similar results should be achieved who may have doubts about the safety of his drinking water as well.   Given the current level of pollution to our food supply every Muslim should routinely incorporate this unique and wonderful traditions of the Ahlul Bait in his daily life and savor the miraculous, life-saving benefits.



We have seen several examples of how Allah’s Mercy equips us with the means to cope with environmental challenges like global contamination of the earth.  However, it is inevitable that at some point in the near future, global contamination will have so thoroughly permeated the planet that, by virtue of the laws of diminishing returns, remedies that work today will yield only marginal results in offsetting  life-threatening catastrophes in the future.  When this happens the Mercy of Allah will, perhaps, enter a new, unprecedented phase as part of a final solution, designed to rescue an imperiled planet from total annihilation.  It is likely that this period will mark the appearance of the promised and long-awaited savior, Imam Mahdi (a.s.), whose works will not only trigger a complete reversal of humanity’s rapid descent into self-destruction but spark the establishment of complete justice and peace across the globe.

During his reign, not only will the world’s ecosystems be completely restored but the dark forces who bear the responsibility for the present state of our environment will be completely vanquished. Until that time arrives we cannot afford to forget that practically every facet of modern civilization is under siege by a small but formidable band of international gangsters whose lust for wealth, power and the license to completely re engineer the course of modern society, threaten not only our earth’s life-sustaining ecosystems but all human rights and liberties granted by our Creator.  This ominous development is the apex of unopposed tyranny, not unlike that which threatened to completely erase the presence of Islam for all future generations before Imam Hussein and his heroic followers prevented with their sacrifice at Karbala.  Just as Imam Hussein (a.s.) and his devoted followers steadfastly resisted evil by speaking the truth to a corrupt power structure, it is out of this same spirit of resistance to tyranny that we, too, must take a stand.

Resistance to tyranny can appear in a variety of forms.  It is the cumulative effect of everybody doing something positive that will be the key for its success.  To quote Edward George Earle, The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”  Earle’s profound statement dovetails perfectly with the Qur’anic verse wherein Allah advises His servants to “Enjoin the good and forbid the bad“.  Whenever society deteriorates to a level where it no longer encourages good behavior nor prohibits or restrains evil activity by injunction, evil will triumph. With respect to this truth the Holy Qur’an teaches us that “….whatever suffering you endure, it is because of what your own hands have wrought (actions that people do)”.  Chapter 42:30.  The implications of this verse are that–just as man’s wrong actions are at the root of his suffering–the solutions to the problems he creates lie in his correct choice of actions.  The Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.) said, ” Whoever among you sees an evil, he must change it with his hand; if he is unable to do so, then with his tongue; and if he is unable to do so with his tongue; then with his heart, which is the weakest form of faith”. 

Therefore, if the public lacks the coercive power to stop the establishment’s wreckless, irresponsible management of nuclear power and the military’s criminal use of life-threatening depleted uranium munitions around the globe, it can, through the medium of public protest and writing, expose these dangers as well as promote proven, workable solutions to this global crisis that the government and mass media hides with impunity from the general public.  Don’t stop there.  Attack tyranny on as many fronts as you can:  Refuse to allow your children and newborns to be shot up with vaccines tainted with powerful sterility-causing adjuvants and cancer viruses; stop drinking the IQ-lowering, cancer-causing fluoridated tap water piped into our homes; don’t consume genetically engineered foods (GMO) designed to sterilize the population;  and refuse to eat or drink products containing dangerous mercury-ladened high fructose corn syrup, known to cause obesity and spark the early onset of alzheimer’s disease.  These are just a few of numerous revolutionary acts that you can take that will expand the light of Allah’s Mercy.  Failing to take action, directly or indirectly, is not only complicity with evil, but can likely deprive us of God’s Mercy at the most critical time. Therefore, resistance to evil is the best guarantee that the doors to Allah’s Bounty remain open and access to His Mercy prevails.


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