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Double Standard Underscores Most American’s Response To Human Tragedy

Category : World Affairs

School has finally reopened at Sandy Hook Elementary, where, on a dreadful Friday morning, December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza allegedly killed his mother, then drove to the school and embarked on a shooting rampage that resulted in the senseless deaths of 20 six and seven year olds and eight adults.  Not unlike previous shooting massacres, eyewitness reports have surfaced that placed multiple shooters at the scene.



If those reports are determined to be credible, the likelihood that this was yet another in a long series of government staged events cannot be ignored.  None the less, the heartrending pain and emotional trauma felt by empathetic Americans over the reckless slaughter of innocent lives and the unbridled show of compassion for the survivors is a testimony to the depth of humanity that still resonates within the American conscience.

This tragic, earth shattering event naturally evoked an enormous outpouring of deep-seated mental and emotional anguish that swept the entire nation.  In short, Americans of all stripes—culturally, politically and ethnically, momentarily put aside all artificially divisive barriers to unite in a national display of mourning for the fallen victims at Sandy Hook.

However, despite such collective show of sympathy for the victims at Sandy Hook and the grief-stricken survivors, a closer look will uncover an inconspicuous but, nevertheless, disturbing trend that suggests a festering hypocrisy hidden in plain view.  Thanks to the daily barrage of Jewish orchestrated anti-Islam, anti-Arab, anti-Middle East media disinformation, much of that American humanitarian spirit is being eroded by a rabid form of blind prejudiced patriotism that masquerades as the true American patriotism.  The highly inflammatory, anti-Islamic rhetoric spewed from the mouths of lunatic fringe operatives like Rod Parsley, Devvy Kidd , Pamela Geller , John Hagee and their spellbinding influence over millions of their sheep-like followers are glaring examples of this very dangerous development.  The  mesmerizing effect of their campaign of Islamophobia and racial bigotry is the principle reason why much of the American humanitarian spirit has fallen into a state of slumber.  These individuals and their ilk are the key players in the arena to precipitate the “clash of civilizations” predicted by the delusional Islamophobic Samuel P. Huntington.

This potentially destructive phenomenon is a function of a commonly undiagnosed psychological break that has induced many unsuspecting American patriots to selectively direct their anger and outrage toward any people targeted by their government as America’s enemies, real or imagined.  There is a growing double standard indicative of many post 911 Americans when it comes to expressing their indignation to atrocities committed against innocent, non-combatants.  To illustrate this point, their sympathies and show of compassion, rather than being available for every victim, are now reserved almost exclusively for people dubbed as America’s friends.  Thus we grieve over the violence that only seldom visits middle to upper class American and Israeli children but show virtually no compassion for the suffering of innocent children in Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Gaza, etc., who are the victims of American and Israeli campaigns of brutal slaughter and genocide.

It is amazing how President Obama can shed a fake tear over the innocent slaughter of six and seven year olds at Sandy Hook, when  on his watch and under his leadership America slaughters innocent children every day all over the globe.  But the question is, where is American’s public protest and indignation over the 170 innocent Pakistani children killed as a result of Obama’s executive order to employ killer drones to slaughter innocent civilians in Pakistan? To date, US-launched drone strikes have killed approximately 3,325 in Pakistan, of whom nearly 1,000 were comprised of civilians and children, not to mention the deaths caused by killer drone bombing campaigns in Yemen.  Let us not forget that the Obama administration was also guilty of shipping weapons to several murderous drug cartels in Mexico under the Justice Department’s infamous Fast & Furious operation.  This Cartel feud has resulted in the needless deaths of 60,ooo and more than 10,000 people missing.  Where is the American outrage over this criminal activity?

If teary-eyed Americans can display an uninhibited outpouring of sympathy and outrage for the murder of fellow Americans at Sandy Hook, where was the same show of emotions for the deliberate and shameless, brutal murders of American Peace activists Rachel Corrie, ran over twice by an Israeli-driven bulldozer while defending the lives of desperate Palestinian families in Gaza?  Where was the American show of support for Furkan Dogan, shot 4 times at point-blank range by trigger-happy Israeli commandos who illegally stormed his humanitarian aid ship bound for Gaza?  These are just two examples of many heroic Americans who were needlessly and mercilessly slaughtered by the Israelis, about whom our politicians boast are America’s closest ally.  Yet, to date, these criminal acts perpetrated against US citizens have garnered virtually no significant news coverage and no US politician has shown the slightest interest in calling public attention to the need to investigate these brutal crimes.  Instead, most Americans are content to continue their blind support for Israel’s protracted campaign of terror and genocide against  innocent, defenseless Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank.  Can we not find even the smallest crocodile tear for the countless civilians murdered when America routinely blows up Afghan, Iraqi, Palestinian and Yemeni villages with depleted uranium?  Or, perhaps Americans are too busy giving each other the high fivefor “spreading freedom” and bringing old fashion US-style democracy to the Muslim world to take a hard look at themselves. Is it possible that America’s protracted campaign of mass murder and meyham against Muslim countries is nothing more than a sordid routine of collateral damage that has become the pinnacle of fraudulent war on terror?

Last but not least, what about the shameful and disgusting manner in which the US government behaved toward the crew of the USS Liberty.  On June 8, 1967 its crew members were the victims of a premeditated criminal attack by Israel, which sought to kill the entire crew, sink the intelligence gathering vessel and blame the entire assault on the Egyptians.  The two hour long attack, executed by camouflaged Israeli war planes and torpedo boats, left 34 Americans dead and 171 with serious injuries.  That event represented the most blatant and unprecedented act of treason ever committed in modern history by America’s most loyal ally with full complicity of both the US President and Secretary of Defense.  Yet, to this day, no “mainstream” media pundit nor any American politician will provide a public forum to investigate this treacherous crime for fear of the career-ending consequences of offending the perpetrator, Israel.

Ignorance is no defense for the failure of American citizens to vent their outrage over such despicable acts of violence against non-Americans in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Palestine or against fellow Americans killed because of their human rights activity or against an illegal, murderous assault against the crew of a US Naval ship cruising in international waters.  With the prevalence of alternative media outlets–the Internet, videos, public lectures books there is no excuse for Americans to remain ignorant about what is really happening in the world today.  When we learn of a people who suffer from injustice, know that it is for them a test of patience and perseverance as well as a means of great reward from Allah.  For the perpetrators of crime will be disgrace in this world and eternal torment in the next life.  As for those who are fully capable of defending the rights and alleviating the suffering of victims of oppression but elect to do nothing, their silence and inactivity will be the cause of their suffering  a fate similar to what awaits the perpetrators of injustice.

Hopefully, the tragedy at Newtown, Connecticut was a wake up call for the American public to realize that the Sandy Hook shooting, like all previous mass shootings was a premeditated staged event designed, to disarm the American public through the eradication of the Second Amendment.  To be truthful, there is no proof that anyone died at Sandy Hook!


We must resist all efforts by politicians to exploit the deaths of the innocent children for political gain.  Another important point to consider is that according to Kelly O’Meara, author of Psyched Out: How Psychiatry Sells Mental Illness and Pushes Pills That Kill, mass shooters, almost without exception, are severely psychologically challenged individuals who are heavily medicated with high doses of psychotropic drugs at the time of the mass shootings.  The fact that the government and media outlets deliberately avoid mentioning this documented fact is sufficient cause for suspicion.

No less important to appreciating the link between the issue of the Second Amendment and the use of psychiatric drugs in mass shooting incidents is the need to examine why we, as Americans tend to allow racial, cultural, religious and political biases to dictate to us if and when we should express outrage and to whom we should display our compassion whenever any people are victimized by violence and oppression.  It is time to explore ways to reconnect with our humanity in such a way that we can learn to extricate ourselves from all double standards in our relationships with all people in the hopes that we can become more egalitarian in the way we respond to the suffering of all oppressed peoples.  One of the salient features of Islam is that justice is blind and thus the compassion and sympathy we exhibit for victims of oppression must transcend barriers of race, culture, creed and political world view.  It doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, what race you are, whether you are rich or poor–justice is blind because justice is equal to all.  Adoption of these principles will be an important step in reviving the spirit of humanitarianism from its deep sleep and restore it to its proper place among the God-conscious communities in our civilized world.


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