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Identifying The New Number One Cause Of Death Is The Saddest Commentary

Category : World Affairs

The greatest threat to life that confronts the American people today does not come from the unexpected heart attack, or the ravages of cancer or the scourge of chronic respiratory disease; it does not come from the escalation of domestic violence, drug dealing, gun-toting street gangs or trigger-happy white racist cops.  Even the so-called threats attributed to the Iranian military, Hezbollah or those  posed by the ubiquitous Al-Qaeda terrorist network pale in significance when compared to the real threats hidden in plain view.

Hence, the most significant threat to human life stems not from any of the above cited health conditions, local social misbehavior  nor Middle East political groups.  The greatest threat to our health and welfare and, consequently, the leading cause of death in North America comes from a most unlikely social arena.  This threat stems from the collective activity of people engaged in what should be the most prestigious, humanitarian and socially acceptable service occupation in civilized society:  Modern health care, ladies and gentlemen; it is an undisputed fact that the people responsible for causing the highest incidents of physical and emotional suffering and preventable loss of life in North America today are none other than medical doctors.  This last sentence is not a misprint.  Rather, it is a statement of fact so astonihing as to give credence to the all-too-common but antiquated expression, “truth is stranger than fiction”.  Heart disease and cancer no longer occupy the first and second leading causes of death in America.  The latest statistics show that  the leading cause of death in the United States is MD-directed medical treatments.  As a side-note MD-directed treatments are also the leading cause of personal bankrupcy in the nation.

According to a 2003 report, Death by Medicine, written by Drs. Gary Null, Carolyn Dean, Martin Feldman, Debora Rasio, and Dorothy Smith, more than 783,000 people in the U.S. die every year as a result of conventional medicine.  This death toll is over 260 times more than the number of people who died on 9/11.  At the time of this article, chances are, the  number of fatalities will have risen to even higher levels.  These two facts, alone, are sufficient to prove that public health care in the United States in a serious crisis.  The root cause of the crisis lies in the fact that the traditional treatment protocol employed by the orthodox medical establishment for chronic illness is bankrupt; it does not work and never has worked!  If it did work, permanent injuries, amputations, infections and death resulting from doctor-directed health care would be almost non-existent.  If the conventional medical model was a viable approach, personal bankruptcies that are destroying the lives of tens of thousands of Americans  would be rare and expensive monthly insurance premiums would be dramatically reduced.

The American government boasts of having a health care system that is the envy of the world.  Yet Communist China, with all of its multitude of social problems and human rights violations, is seldom plagued with such crisis.  Why?  The answer is simple.   In China chronic illness is easily reversed successfully because China’s health professionals have the wisdom to restrict the use of side effects-ridden allopathic medicine to emergency situations, surgical procedures and chronic and acute infections, while using alternative health sciences like naturopathy, herbology and acupuncture, etc. to address chronic disorders.  These so-called alternative treatment modalities have a proven positive track record.  They are the only ones that can actually reverse the disease process and fully restore the health and vitally of the patient.  Until the non-allopathic approach is adoped as a standard approach to the treatment of chronic disease in America the current health crisis will continue to escalate exponentially.

When one takes into account the sordid history of the proponents of the allopathic school of thought and their unfair alliances with the government and corporate wealth to totally monopolize the health care industry, it is not difficult to see the blatant tyranny that pervades every sector of modern-day medical practice.  In short, the medical industry throughout North America in particular and much of the Western world in general is nothing short of a criminal enterprise, rife with corruption, fraud, murder, deception, greed, hubris and self-aggrandizement.  We have only to thank the concerted efforts of John D. Rockefeller, Abraham Flexner and his monumental Flexner Report that set into motion the forces that have contributed to our current medical crisis.  Hopefully, the information that follows will enlighten the reader  on just how bad America’s health care industry is and what can be done to rectify it. To better appreciate the seriousness of the current health crisis, the reader is encouraged to reflect on the following alarming statistics that highlight the incredible social devastation that as resulted from the professional activities of the men and women who proudly sport the traditional white coat and the legendary stethoscope.

  1. In the March 2012 edition of the AARP Bulletin, the reader is presented with information which reveals the incredible, inexcusable number of mistakes doctors routinely make in their practice; it states that US surgeons operate on the wrong patient or body part as often as 40 times a week.
  2. According the United States Department of Health and Human Services, MD directed treatments kill 15,000 Medicare patients per month in hospitals.
  3. In the February 2007 edition of JAMA, it is stated that 15 million patients are killed, injured and infected each year while under the care of medical doctors–approximately 5.8 million in hospitals and 9.2 million in private offices and clinics.  Of this total approximately 90,000  patients each year die in hospitals from infections due to poor hygiene practices among doctors.
  4. The number of people killed in hospitals each year would equal the number of people who would die if six jumbo jets crashed each day for 365 days!  
  5. Deaths from unnecessary surgery, improperly prescribed medications, errors in hospital procedures, infections in hospitals and the adverse effects from properly, (not improperly), prescribed drugs number well over 350,000 per year.
  6. Through prescription errors alone (misplaced decimal points, too high a dosage, misspelled drug names, etc.) doctors kill and permanently injure 1.5 million people under their care.
  7. Sadly, each year Doctors kill more people than guns and traffic accidents combined, a sobering statistic well deserving of our undivided attention.
  8. 15% of doctors and a significant number of surgical technicians suffer from serious addictions to alcohol and other hard drugs, and often do not observe proper hygiene while performing surgical and other medical procedures.  Consequently, large numbers of serious surgical mistakes occur which often result in permanent injuries, disfigurement, inexcusable, life-altering amputations and premature death.  Such disturbing trend may explain why a pregnant young woman named Claudia Mejia, with no health issues who entered a hospital to give birth, was sent home as a quadruple amputee, with no explanation given by the hospital for the surgical mishap.  The doctor and surgical team who were responsible for this incredible blunder, have not been reprimanded nor face any criminal charges.

To reiterate the point made earlier, there is a monstrous crisis that is threatening the very survival of public health care as we know it.  The question is how does one account for such widespread ignorance, incompetence, carelessness, and blatant indifference among so-called health professionals within the medical industry?  The result has been catastrophic  for patients who have placed their hope and trust in the promise of medical doctors who have failed them miserably as well as failed to live up to the tenets of the Hippocratic Oath they swore to uphold.  The answer lies in the fact that the entire philosophy and direction of modern medicine is flawed.

Why have doctors become the number one public health menace?  For the vast majority of them, that was not their intention.  To the contrary, most truly want to see the eradication of suffering caused by acute and chronic diseases.  However, little do conventionally-trained doctors realize that the education they receive in medical school is virtually ineffective in equipping them with the essential tools needed to treat the epidemic of chronic diseases and disorders.

Research has shown that science-based, time-tested, clinical training in classic medical nutrition is the only viable solution for reversing and treating chronic diseases. Yet medical schools provide student doctors with less than an hour of formal training in the area of nutrition and even that incredibly small degree of exposure often requires no follow-up diagnostic exam to assess the level of comprehension of the course material they complete.  The following six-part video provides a concise look into this public health care crisis that is having devastating consequences in the lives of tens of millions of Americans who, unwittingly, at the mercy of misguided and incompetent doctors in the treatment of their chronic conditions.  Everyone in America needs to watch these earth-shattering interviews with full attention:


Unfortunately, many traditional medical doctors often succumb to the enticements of inordinate pride and arrogance.  Consequently, they lack the integrity to become the responsible, selfless, professional caretakers they were trained to be.  Furthermore, far too many are driven more by profit motives than by the clinical results one would expect them to seek for their patients. In other words, the doctor’s primary concern lies not in the cure of a disease but rather in the treatment or management of it.  Why? Because there are substantial, long-term profits to be made by doctors from each of their patients by merely managing their diseases, rather than actually finding a viable cure for them.

This giant flaw in medicine’s standard treatment procedure keeps desperate patients irrevocably dependent upon outrageously expensive, shamefully ineffective and often dangerous prescription drugs for months and years on end.  In contrast, the few courageous doctors who opt for proven, clinically verified, science-based alternative treatments, designed to support and promote the body’s own innate capacity to heal itself will garner only a small fraction of the profits made by MD’s who, without conscience, prescribe the largely ineffective and dangerous conventional treatment models.  Ignorance of what is in the patient’s best interest is no excuse, given the easily accessible  inexhaustible volumes of proven treatment guidelines available.  It is imperative that doctors realize that they are major players in this broken health care system and must pursue and adopt the most effective alternative and/or conventional treatments available for the benefit of their patients.

Thus, it is quiet inexcusable for an MD when he knows that the treatment he is prescribing for his patient is not working but could be fatal and yet continues to administer the treatment out of greed for more profists.  Unforunately, this attitude is widespread in the health industry.  A classic example of this mindset was demonstrated in a program that involved hormone replacement therapy for women.  In the 1990’s the Women’s Health Initiative conducted a study which proved, categorically, that women’s hormone replacement therapy, highly touted by MD’s as the ultimate solution for pre and post menopausal symptoms and cancer, not only provided women no benefits but actually triggered a sharp rise in the very diseases that it was supposedly developed to prevent.  Consequently, huge numbers of women patients died of such conditions as stroke, dementia, gall bladder disease, and breast and uterine cancer due to this irresponsible medical practice. The results of the study was so horrendous that the program was terminated three years ahead of its original schedule for completion.  If MD’s were truly after positive results as opposed to profits, they would have told their patients to immediately stop this treatment decades earlier, immediately after the report of the Women’s Initiative became public knowledge.  In spite of the overwhelming evidence that proves conclusively that non bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is a deadly program, shamefully, some MD’s continue to prescribe these dangerous treatments to their menopausal and pre-menopausal patients for monetary gain.

Another example of blatant medical irresponsibility can be seen in the so-called war on cancer launched by President Richard Nixon over 41 years ago.  Instead of seeing even a slight decline in cancer rates in America, cancer rates have skyrocketed with a humongous failure rate of 97%.  In other words,  the chemo cancer cure rate is a dismal 3%.  Therefore, to support Susan G. Komen, the Cancer Society or any other mainstream cancer fundraiser not only is a total waste of one’s money, time and life but represents the height of insanity when a host of viable alternative treatment models are already available.  If there is such an astromical failure rate in chemotherapy why does it remain the standard medical treatment for cancer?  Money.  Chemotherapeutic drugs are the only classification of drugs from which the prescribing doctor gets a substantial financial kickback.  What’s even more insulting is the likelihood that the vast majority of doctors would not prescribe chemotherapy for themselves or family members based on an article entitled, “75% of physicians in the world refuse chemotherapy for themselves”. 

Yet another blatant example of an exclusively profit-driven feature of the medical industry is uncovered in the unpublicized firing of the famous comedian Jerry Lewis from the Muscular Dystrophy Telethon.  When Jerry Lewis discovered that there is a treatment protocol for both the prevention and cure of Muscular Dystrophy and planned to make that announcement on the next Telethon, he was promptly fired.  Why was he fired?  The reason is simple:  people who run the medical foundation would lose millions of dollars as well as the people who provide equipment to the parents for their afflicted children.  But more importantly, the children and adults, once relieved from their affliction of the disease would no longer be forced to pay the medical industry for very costly and ineffective treatments.

Consider the case of type 2 diabetes.  This is a disease that can easily be cured in several weeks at a cost to the patient of approximately $300, using proven, clinically tested treatments. Yet the standard medical procedure involves a lifetime treatment model that can cost the patient as much as $750,000 and never results in a cure.  Thus, driven by profit motives, many doctors would prefer to treat the diabetes patient for several decades without curing him and secure huge financial profits versus making only several hundred dollars that can result in a cure in only several weeks time.

Therefore, it is imperative that medical doctors of conscious form an alliance to challenge, through collective public condemnation, boycotts and litigation the encroachment of this blatant medical tyranny.  Otherwise, responsible, effective health care will soon become a thing of the past. Granted, it is an uphill battle because medical doctors are not required by law to cure their patient’s illnesses, even when cures are readily available.  Nor are doctors required to provide their patients with information about how to prevent diseases even when such information is readily accessible.  This phenomenon persists because the medical establishment is a profit-driven monopoly.  Therefore, under this system the only way for doctors to make handsome profits is to treat or manage disease symptoms rather than actually cure the disease.  Consequently, a patient usually remains under the doctor’s care for weeks, months or even decades and often will die without ever being cured of his ailment.

According to Islamic law such a system of health care would not only be intolerable but would constitute a criminal offense that would warrant severe punitive measures.  In the Islamic system whatever is in the patient’s best interest must always be the physician’s top priority.  Thus, Islam demands that only the safest, science-based, clinically tested therapeutics be used to restore the health and well-being of the sick and infirm. This must be done regardless of pressure they may get from the AMA or FDA.  On the other hand, treatment protocols shown to be deleterious to the patient’s health and safety must immediately be discarded by all conscientious doctors, regardless of the financial losses that may result.

Another problem that is often overlooked is the fact that there is no free market to choose from in medical care in America.  Thanks to the Rockefeller/Carnegie takeover and the bankrolling of allopathic medicine to the exclusion of other medical models, it has now become the industry’s standard for all medical treatment.   Since 1923 the pharmaceutical industry and the MD’s have collectively worked to discredit all other non-allopathic health care professions to eliminate any competition.  Thus chiropractors, naturopaths, osteopaths, acupuncturists, etc., have become virtual outcasts in the eyes of the orthodox medical community.  This lack of competition takes away choices people have to decide what type of care they want.

In the minds of those who manage the pharmaceutical industry as well as most medical doctors, the allopathic approach to medicine is the final word when it comes to health care. The problem with that view is  medical science is a huge circumference of knowledge of which the MD has only a very small piece.  No health practitioner of any persuasion can claim to have mastered the whole circumference of medical knowledge.  For example, when it comes to treating gunshot wounds, mending broken bones, performing minor to complicated emergency surgical procedures and treating a variety of nasty infections, MD’s are the absolute best at what they do and should be consulted exclusively when there is a need to rectify those conditions.  However, when it comes to curing chronic diseases they are an abysmal failure. Under the watch of the allopathic-driven industry, cancer has skyrocketed, obesity has risen exponentially, diabetes has spiraled out of control, heart disease has accelerated beyond measure, Alzheimer’s disease is off the charts, crones, celiac and IBS are steadily on the rise and a host of other chronic disorders are showing no better track record. After decades of research and trillions of dollars in funding for allopathic medicine we have not seen the reversal of a single chronic disease.  The absolute best and most effective treatment for reversing literally hundreds of chronic diseases and increasing longevity comes from the treatments provided by the non-allopathic community of health care providers.  Yet the pride and arrogance of most establishment physicians will not allow them to acknowledge the superiority of non-allopathic health professionals when it comes to the treatment of chronic disorders.

The conceit and hubris of the majority of medical doctors is so pervasive that they are absolutely unapologetic, even when their treatments result in permanent injuries and death to their patients. They are able to sleep without the slightest compunction because, in their minds, their reckless performance is easily dismissed as merely something that “comes with the territory” associated with collateral damage.

Therefore, it is obligatory for all Muslim health professionals to be fully conscious of the magnitude of the corruption and incompetance that pervades America’s health care industry.  It is imperative that they keep abreast of the most accurate and current health information so as to discard false, outdated principles about the science of healing, health and longevity.  Muslim health care professionals must take the lead or at least work in concert with existing alternative health organizations that are making tremendous strides to ensure that the people have a health care system that works for them rather than one that serves the financial interests of big pharma.  Of what benefit is it to debate whether or not Obama Care, one of the worse pieces of legislation in American history, should become nation’s primary public health care policy when it is based, exclusively, on a system that constitutes the leading cause of death in America? We need a health care system that will create an environment wherein physician-directed treatments will become the least cause of death rather than the leading cause.  For that to become a reality there must be a total revolution within America’s health care system.



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