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The Truth Revealed: Discerning Holocaust Truth From Holocaust Fiction

Category : World Affairs

When one thinks of the Holocaust, almost invariably, images come to mind of helpless Jews, languishing in despair within the confines of a German concentration camp.  Such compelling imagery, thanks to decades of media brainwashing and subtle indoctrination, has become so deeply ingrained in the psyche of the average American, that not only will any attempt to question the veracity of this narrative be met with strong suspicion, any suggestion that there may have been other “holocausts” in the past far more horrific than that involving the Jews during WWII, would be quickly dismissed by many as anti-Semitic or mere conspiracy theory.

Responsible media coverage of past human tragedies can often serve as a very useful and effective tool to convince an otherwise lethargic public to show more compassion for the oppressed and become more aggressively intolerant of all forms of inhumanity wherever  and whenever they occur in our world. However, when the plight of the Jews during the Holocaust of WWII garners the lions share of media coverage to the exclusion of comparable tragedies that have affected other people, it signals a chilling double standard to the world that the only episode of human suffering worthy of public attention is that which was visited upon the Jews within Nazi Germany.

Thus, human tragedies like the horrors of the Middle Passage that saw hundreds of millions of innocent Africans snatched from their homes to perish at sea; the merciless mass slaughter of 63 million people under the despotic rule of Mao Tse-Tung; the massacre of 60 million Russians  under the tyrannical leadership and direction of Joseph Stalin; the wanton extermination of 20% of Cambodia’s population by the Khmer Rouge and its leader, the infamous Pol Pot; and the unheralded role played by President Eisenhower and the Allied Forces in their special holocaust specifically launched against millions of Germany’s civilian and military populations, deserve as much coverage as is given to the Jews in commemoration of their alleged Holocaust.

While Nazi Germany’s war crimes against the Jews, real or imagined, may merit world condemnation, recent findings by noted research scholars have disclosed shocking discoveries that now discredit much of the traditional Jewish narrative about what really happened  to Jews during their internment in Germany’s concentration camps.  A growing number of credible  historians of international prominence have concluded that not only are many of the claims put forth by survivors of the Holocaust unsubstantiated, the entire event, not unlike the staged terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, may represent  the biggest hoax in world history.

However, such is not the case when recalling one of the worse atrocities to have ever occurred, whose story has, until recently, been kept a virtual secret to the world.  It involves the ghastly human rights violations carried out by Germany against innocent people within its African colonies and the subsequent mistreatment of Black Germans throughout Germany during WWII.

The scale of Germany’s cruel, inhuman abuse meted out to its African subjects can only be described nothing short of a veritable holocaust.  Thus, this shameful historical episode, became the secret African Holocaust perpetrated by Germany within her pre-war colonial territories of Namibia, Tanzania, Togo and the Cameroon.  Unlike the Jewish Holocaust, whose credibility is highly suspect, when examining the genuineness of the African Holocaust, the lines between the real and the imagined are not nearly as blurred.  Eyewitness accounts of shocking information, heretofore buried in the pages of history, reveal the criminal nature of Germany’s conduct toward the black populations within its African colonies as well as within Germany during the dictatorial rule of Adolf Hitler.

Some writers believe that the first holocaust in world history occurred in Africa in the 1890’s under German colonial rule.  Whether or not these claims will ever be fully recognized by mainstream historians, the fact remains that the genocidal catastrophe Africans suffered under Germany’s colonial policies represent some of the most egregious forms of inhumanity on record.

The truth revealed is not only an effort to challenge unsubstantiated Jewish claims about their holocaust, but to set the record straight about a seldom-mentioned, under-publicized era in world history that highlights the blatant, anti black, racist bigotry that fueled much of German domestic and foreign policy from just before  the turn of the century through the turbulent years of World War Two.

Few people even know that Germany had well established colonies in Africa in the late 1800’s in what later became known as Togo, Cameroon, Namibia, and Tanzania.  The African inhabitants in theses lands were routinely beaten and deliberately worked to death while being deprived of adequate food and water.  Evidence suggests that Germany’s infamous genetic experiments as well as other unspeakable atrocities meted out by Germany’s Second Reich against the Herero, Nama and Ovamba tribes in the colonies far exceeded those allegedly suffered by Jews under Hitler’s Third Reich.  After a unsuccessful four-year revolt against their brutal colonization Africans were taken as prisoners following Germany’s Herero Massacre that left 60,000 Africans dead.  The following is a five-part video presentation that everyone must see; it provides a compelling insight into one of the great human tragedies that has been virtually eliminated from the recorded texts of history:

During WWII under the Nazis, German blacks suffered from similar kinds of racism and bigotry under the German government as was experienced by their African counterpart.  Many black Germans descended from a period that saw hundreds of the African Rhineland-based soldiers intermarry with German women and raise their children as black Germans. In Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote details about this event and about his plans solve the problems posed by these “Rhineland Bastards”.  When he came to power, one of his first directives was aimed at these mixed-race children.  Underscoring Hitler’s obsession with racial purity, by 1937, every identified mixed-race child in the Rhineland had been forcibly sterilized in order to prevent further “race polluting”, as Hitler termed it.

Hans Hauck, a black Holocaust survivor and a victim of Hitler’s mandatory sterilization program, explained in the film “Hitler’s Forgotten Victims” that, when he was forced to undergo sterilization as a teenager, he was given no anesthetic.  Once he received his sterilization certificate, he was free to go, so long as he agreed to have no sexual relations whatsoever with white German women.  Some black victims of the Nazi sterilization project are still alive and have told their compelling story in films such as “Black Survivors of the Nazi Holocaust”.

Although most black Germans attempted to escape their fatherland for France where people like Josephine Baker were steadily aiding and supporting the French Underground, many still encountered problems elsewhere.  Because of the effects of the negative propaganda associated with being German during this period of history, many European nations shut their doors to German immigration, be they black or white.  The following video discloses some startling revelations about this seldom discussed episode in Germany’s history:

Most of what has been written and published about Nazi Germany has been negative.  Germany, under the leadership of Adolph Hitler, has been demonized in virtually every “mainstream” history book to such a degree that  WWII Germany became and continues to be the veritable poster child used to denounce every form of tyranny and oppression imaginable.  It is true that all governments have their dark side, irrespective of what political system they adopt for their people.  But often the details that shape the real course of human events lay buried beneath the weight of unscrupulous political ambition of special interests.

During WWII Germany conducted a pre-emptive rounded up millions of civilians, Jews and non-Jews, in an effort to protect the country from the threat of potential spies, secret combatants, saboteurs and subversives.  Germany placed them in internment camps for the duration of the war and had plans to move them to places like Madagascar at the war’s end.  There was never a secret plan to exterminate the Jews of Europe.  The so-called final solution was formulated to move the Jews out of Germany, not to genocide them.

However, as it turned out, vast numbers of the Jewish population placed in those camps were, indeed, saboteurs, owing to their leftist political affiliation.  A significant number of them were bonafide Marxists and Communists.  Therefore, most of them were sympathetic to Soviet Russia, a bastion of Judaic power and Germany’s chief rival.  Their ultimate objective was to see the total collapse of Germany as a world power.

For those reasons, as well as their fear of the powerful Jewish bankers’ attempt to bankrupt the German economy, they had to be detained there as potential subversives and collaborators with the enemies of the State.

Even homosexuals were interned, not because they were homosexuals but because the Jewish homosexual community invariably leaned toward a leftist political agenda that encouraged subversive politics and moral corruption of German Christian values. Such actions executed by Hitler’s Germany should come to no surprise seeing that, historically, such activities have always been the strategy of socially responsible nations during times of war.

The question that arises is “what justified all the deaths that occurred in the camps”?  First of all, it must be understood that the vast majority of those placed in the camps died during the closing months of the war.  The estimated death toll was probably little more than 600 thousand as opposed to the 6 million figure written in the history books.

To help explain the deaths in the camps the reader must recall the fact that from late 1944 to early 1945, Allied forces were engaged in a relentless campaign of genocidal bombardment of civilian and military targets that left Germany in utter shambles.  Roads, bridges, rail systems and the entire industrial infrastructure was needed to guarantee an uninterrupted flow of supplies to both the civilian communities and the camps were destroyed.  Consequently,Germany suddenly found itself unable to provide sufficient food, water and medical supplies to its own civilian population, let alone those placed in the internment camps.  Ultimately, many people died of starvation throughout the German civilian population, as well as those living in the concentration camps.

Concerning the gas chambers, they did exist but, contrary to mainstream historical accounts, were used to disinfect the prisoners so as to control the spread of typhus.  Zyklon B was the principle chemical agent used to achieve this purpose.  It was the standard disinfecting chemical agent commonly used throughout Europe at that time.  There is no basis for suspicion here.

Jews have manipulated this fact  by claiming that the Nazis gassed 6 million of their people.  Yet there is absolutely no evidence to support their claim.  For example, there is only one main gas chamber found at the infamous Auschwitz camp and it was built after the war by the Russians for propaganda purposes.  This fact was acknowledged by the Polish government. And let the reader not forget that Auschwitz is located in Poland, not Germany!

As far as the so-called Eastern Front, it is true that many Jews were killed there as well.  However, it is important to realize that after their invasion of the USSR in 1941, Germany was confronted with not only Soviet troops but tens of thousands of partisan fighters, most of whom were Jewish and thus loyal to the cause of the Soviets.  In response to their attacks the German fighters were successful in capturing and killing most of them.  To say that these partisans were innocent victims is absurd.  Those Jews were Soviet assets who actively engaged in gorilla warfare against the German troops.  It was only natural that Germany defended itself against their enemies.

The lesson to be learned here is that the Jews have exaggerated the truth about the Jewish death toll and suffering under the Nazis.  They have used the six million figure solely as an effective marketing tool and source of propaganda to sell to the world the notion of Jewish victim-hood.  As a consequence, Jews have garnered an incredible amount of sympathy that has always worked to their political advantage.  The reason is because once a nation’s people are viewed as helpless victims, unsuspecting communities of nations who buy into the propaganda tend to become blind to the moral excesses of that group and, in the case of Israeli Jews, be supportive of any human rights violations they may commit against whoever represents their opposition.

The Holocaust, then, is essentially, a colossal psy-ops weapon used to target the Western world and win unquestioned support for the Jewish cause.  For over 60 decades Jews have used their celebrated suffering as justification for creating the illegal state of Israel, waging a relentless genocidal war against innocent Palestinians and invading many Muslim nations.

Currently, they are using this same ideological weapon to pressure morally corrupt Western nations to launch illegal, unjustified wars against countries like the Islamic Republic of Iran, under the pretext of preventing another Holocaust. Because of her insatiable appetite for mischief and intrigue, Israel is not only a menace to the Muslim world but a threat to human life everywhere!  The following video illustrates the incredible and very dangerous blind support many American still have for Israel.

If any sincere seeker of truth is honest with himself, he will be forced to admit that the  holocaust narrative is an outrageous hoax, as no solid evidence has ever surface that proves that anyone was ever killed, deliberately, in gas chambers by the Nazis.  Also, the numbers of Jews who died in German-occupied Europe is very small compared to the highly questionable six million figure.  Furthermore, there is no reliable forensic medical or scientific evidence to support the holocaust gassing claims and lastly, Jews were rather well-treated by the Nazis when compared to the way Africans in the colonies and German blacks in general were treated.  Generally, the Jews  have no reason to complain about their treatment by Nazi Germany before or during WW2.  Their leadership had been actively and treacherously driving the world toward war against Germany since March 1933—and they eventually got their war, in spite of the fact that they flourished economically and enjoyed more than their fair share of Germany’s prosperity.

Although very little attention has been given to the horrific plight of the German people during and following the war, it is probably safe to say that they could be designated as the REAL victims of the so-called Holocaust of WWII.  However, white nationalists and many “Hitler Apologists” of the so-called Truth movement are obsessed with promoting this notion that Adolph Hitler and the German people are the models for human conduct and achievement.  Granted, the leadership and achievements of Hitler and his people are noteworthy and deserve honorable mention.  However, these closet racists (white nationalists) are hard pressed and eager to defend the virulent, white racist-inspired rape, mass murder, plunder and overall genocidal policies conducted by Germany as well as all European colonial nations against innocent non-white populations in Africa and Asia. Such attitudes calls attention to their real motives in exposing the lies about the Holocaust.

The German people suffered mercilessly, during and after the war.  But perhaps a “bad karma” created by Germany’s inhuman treatment of black people by their corrupt leaders helped lay the groundwork for the real genocide that was visited upon the innocent civilians in cities like Dresden; the mass rape and murder of tens of thousands of German women and children; the systematic starvation of millions of German POW’s in thousands of concentration camps under the administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower; the stigma and humiliation free-thinking Germans must bear for having been tricked into accepting responsibility for the Holocaust myth; and lastly, having to see your entire nation hijacked, subjugated and made veritable prey of a ruthless band of international banking criminals.

Nationalists, Neo Nazis and most Holocaust Revisionists share one thing in common:  all of them are unanimous not only in their belief that Germany under Hitler represented the perfect model nation state that pre and post war Germany must be exonerated from accusations of human rights violations.  Hence, their unwillingness to believe that Germans were guilty of genocidal crimes in the African colonies as well as against the Jews in the WWII concentration camps.  While there is an abundance of evidence that shows the bankruptcy in the Jewish narrative about the holocaust claims against Germany, the evidence supporting African and Black German claims of genocide are substantial and unmistakable.  Dr. Klaus Nordbruch, a South African academic, has written a detailed article, currently unavailable, that supposedly refutes the African Holocaust.  However, the arguments he advances do little to discredit the overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  Besides, in 2004 the German government formally acknowledged responsibility and apologized for their African Holocaust and as a gesture of good will, now sends the most foreign aid of any country to these former colonies. This long-over-due minuscule gesture of good will is enough to discredit the arguments of Dr. Nordbruch as well as the white nationalists and Holocaust Revisionists who share Dr. Nordbruch’s views.

It makes one wonder whether the Carolyn Yeagers and David Dukes of the so-called Truth movement secretly embrace the same virulent racial bigotry that fueled Germany’s genocidal assault on helpless Africans and Black Germans? If so, their efforts in the arena of public debate to enlighten a brainwashed, dumb-down American public on the truth about what really happened in those German concentration camps will have marginal success at best.  At a time when the Holocaust Hoax needs to be exposed for what it truly is, the white supremacist component of the Truth movement becomes a telling liability. It evokes suspicion in the minds of many sincere activists about the real motives behind all the anti Zionist diatribe. Moreover, it becomes quite telling when, on the one hand, they argue Germany’s innocence regarding the Jews but deny, without conscious, any culpability for its egregious, racially charged genocidal campaign against people of African descent.

If these unconscionable acts of bigotry and heinous criminal activity conducted by the German military against Black Africans in the 1890’s and Afro-Germans throughout the first and Second World War are true as evidence suggests, then perhaps the long, under-publicized history of the unspeakable crimes that were unleashed against the German people, choreographed in secret by the hidden hand of World Jewry, is yet another compelling justification of the term “payback” or in the words of the late Malcolm X, a case of “the chickens coming home to roost”.

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The first 20 million redrocs from Bad Arolsen weren’t delivered to Jerusalem or D.C. until August of 2007, and the ITS branch of USHMM didn’t start accepting requests for information until January of this year. Even if they’d been available for two years, it’s doubtful that any media outlet would be carrying stories about what’s being unearthed, as the bulk of early requests will undoubtedly be from families of victims, searching for information on what happened to their relatives. That kind of research has been taking place every day for the last fifty (+) years and seldom gets news coverage.As for the “final nail,” the Holocaust doesn’t need one. The International Military Tribunal (and subsequent trials) established the original numbers and validated the evidence as early as 1946, and the amount of supporting documentation has only grown since.As for the archive’s availability, it is open (and free) to anyone who wants to use it. As USHMM states on their website:All others interested in accessing the ITS redrocs scholars, authors, genealogists and other researchers must visit the Museum in person to examine the redrocs. Access to the ITS redrocs, like all of the Museum’s archival material, will be free and open to the public. They will do all the legwork for those who are looking for missing family members, but anyone wanting to do their own research has to visit the archive itself.

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