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The Trayvon Martin Story: using race to advance political agenda

Category : World Affairs

News coverage of the Trayvon Martin tragedy affirms that the black vs. white racial divide that has molded and shaped much of America’s past is still very much alive and well.  All of us are reminded of this sad reality with the nearly two month-long media blitz following the tragic and senseless killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman in February this year.  Many of the icons of conservative talk radio, the irresponsible liberal left media coverage, the right and left wing politicians and Christian evangelicals and their counterparts within the black community, assumed their respective places in their rush to judgement in the heated debate over who was actually at fault for the untimely death of Trayvon Martin.

This case is no different from many similar cases where blacks are killed by non-blacks.  And not unlike the Trayvon Martin tragedy, similar public accusations of racial injustice can often be heard from black community leaders.  The big difference between this case and similar cases that frequently occur throughout black America is that the Trayvon Martin tragedy has been given obsessive media focus.  This is in contrast to the overtly racist torture session against a disabled black youth over ten years ago, as is depicted in the following video, but never received media coverage nor public outcry from the black community leaders and politicians:

Be that as it may, there are certainly many discrepancies in this case as well as subsequent incidents of very questionable behavior on the part of demagogues on both sides of the racial divide.  Some obvious examples of such discrepancies should be noted:  1. George Zimmerman failed to follow police orders not to pursue Trayvon during his walk through the gated community where Trayvon’s father resided; 2. Zimmerman violated a protection order he was issued by a Florida court after having been found guilty of assault and battery which may have included, pending verification, a prohibition against his carrying a loaded firearm; 3. The Sanford police department mishandled the investigation into Trayvon’s death from the outset. The police chief overruled the decision of his lead homicide investigator and refused to arrest Zimmerman, despite sufficient circumstantial evidence that would have at least warranted an initial arrest; and 4. To date, there has been no record of Zimmerman’s likely telephone conversation with his father, a former federal magistrate in the Virginia court system from 2000 until 2006 and a fairly respected and influential figure in Sanford, Florida.

Some of inflammatory rhetoric coming from some leading figures of the black community to this tragedy are equally questionable.  Just a few examples show that:  1. The Reverend Jessie Jackson and Reverend Al Sharpton made use of their customary fiery oratory skills to exploit this particular tragedy for their personal benefit but continue to remain silent in the face of other horrific white-on-black murders, not to speak of the more numerous black-on-black murders that occur on almost a daily basis; 2.  The New Black Panthers (absolutely no relationship with the progressive Black Panther Party of the 60’s) placed an outrageous ten thousand dollar bounty—a virtual contract—on the life of Zimmerman.  Such an irresponsible act constitutes a felony; 3. The Same New Black Panthers have produced a recorded tape calling on African Americans to prepare for an all-out war against whites; 4. Film maker Spike Lee, using Tweeter, publicized what he thought was Zimmerman’s street address.  However, to his credit, after he learned that the address he tweeted belonged to an elderly white couple who subsequently received numerous death threats, he was forced to make a public apology for his rash decision.

And let the reader not overlook the role of the media in adding fuel to the fire that threatens to exacerbate the growing tension between black and white communities. For example:  1.  The media, when displaying the mug shots of Trayvon and Zimmerman, always show a very young innocent-looking Trayvon in contrast to an older, hardened looking Zimmerman; and 2. NBC, an unofficial information arm of the White House, was recently caught altering the recorded telephone conversation that Zimmerman had with the police on the night of the killing that was designed to cast the character of Zimmerman in a negative light.

But notwithstanding all the discrepancies of all parties concerned the larger narrative, sadly, escapes the attention of the majority of Americans.  That narrative exposes a hidden agenda that effectively keeps Americans embroiled in issues of race and thereby comatose to the real concerns that threaten to destroy the future of everyone.

When the killing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman becomes the primary focus of the mainstream media for several months one is compelled to ask, “why?”  Like the spectacular media attention given to high profile celebrities like the legendary O. J. Simpson and the voluptuous but deeply troubled Anna Nicole Smith, these kinds of non-stop media blitzes are always used by the establishment as effective tools to influence how we prioritize world events and where we focus our attention.  In the end such news coverages are nothing but politically manufactured publicity stunts designed to divert the attention of the public away from the real news-worthy events and genuine threats to our liberties and freedoms.

Given the American government’s deplorable historical track record in the treatment of its black citizenry cries of racism from the leadership and the rank-and-file should come to no surprise to even the casual observer.  But while racism is a universal phenomenon, the evolution of white racism is as American as apple pie. It has become the catalyst that has emboldened racist attitudes in groups that perceive themselves as victims of the ravages of white racism. Anyone who denies this fact knows nothing about the history of non-whites in America and lives in a hapless world of delusion.  However, all forms of racism are wrong and are contrary to the teachings of Islam.  However, in America racism exhibited by whites who wield power and influence is not the same as frustration and resentment of expressed by blacks who have historically become the main targets of white racial hatred and, consequently,  have suffered the lion’s share of economic and political disenfranchisement.  It is the inability or unwillingness of the ruling establishment to appreciate this dichotomy in the racial dynamic that has become the major obstacle to an open dialogue that could diffuse much of the racial hatred that festers in the psyche of both white and non-white ethnic groups.

It is within our present racially charged climate that we see opportunists of every color and stripe who are egar to capitalize on this human tragedy for personal political and financial gain.  Chances are that most of the players involved in the Trayvon Martin case–the media pundits, politicians, black community leaders, etc.–are driven by personal motives that have little to do with ascertaining the truth of what really happened.  The players on both sides of the issue want to see a conclusion that will be congruent with their own prejudices and political agenda.  Meanwhile, the grieving family members of Trayvon Martin are left to suffer the agonizing insults of an inept and corrupt police investigation apparatus on one hand and the vulturous appetites of high profile  celebrities who are exploiting the Trayvon Martin case for obvious self aggrandizement.

What causes many critics to question why the Trayvon Martin affair has commanded so much media attention is their knowledge that this kind of confrontation between  neighborhood watch captains like George Zimmerman and trespassing suspects like Trayvon Martin are common occurrences throughout America but rarely ever become headline news stories.  Why has the Trayvon Martin case been given such world-wide media attention?  There are several possibilities, among which is the notion that the Obama administration wants to exploit this tragedy to fan the flames of race passion in America in order to give the President something substantive on which to campaign going into November, 2012.  Obama’s abysmal performance as a leader in expanding the illegal and unjust wars in the Middle East; his failure to decrease unemployment; his giving the green light to the unprecedented looting of the American public treasury by criminal bankers on Wall Street; and his signing into law, draconian bills designed to transform Americans into third-class citizens leaves him nothing of substance upon which to campaign other than the race issue.

The vast majority of blacks, who once constituted his greatest support and whites who also rallied their support for his presidency have both felt the adverse affects of his bankrupt domestic and foreign policies.  But the impact of his failed policies are felt more heavily in the black community than anyplace else.  Blacks suffer most of the unemployment and financial losses at home and in the war zones abroad, often suffering a larger percentage of war casualties than do their white counterparts in proportion to the overall American population. It is evident that even with a cursory investigation one will realize that, as far as the government’s racist policies are concerned,  little has changed since the Vietnam era for blacks both domestically and on the battle field abroad.

So what the Obama administration is attempting to do now is win back the waning blind, unquestioning support of black voters for his re-election bid at any cost.  The Trayvon Martin case looks like the perfect platform to accomplish that objective.  Just recall Obama’s irresponsible statement that “….if I had a son he would look like Trayvon….”.  For a leading public figure of his stature to make such a loaded public statement before a racially charged national audience during an election year calls into question his real motive.  Where was his statement of support on behalf of Troy Davis, whose desperate appeals to avoid a highly questionable execution could have received a much more favorable response from prison authorities following such presidential intervention?  When has the President showed concern enough to issue a statement of support for countless other black men and women like Mumia Abu Jamal, Anna Brown, Gloria Killigan, etc., who have become the classic victims of the virulent racist and unjust policies that characterizes the American justice system.

There has always been media complicity with government psy-ops programs.  Those involving the exacerbation of black/white race relations have been some of the most compelling to note. During the the anti-war movement of the 1960’s black activists, including groups like the Black Panther party and many civil rights leaders vigorously protested serious civil rights abuses that pervaded American society.  They also accused the American government of conducting a policy of sending a disproportional number of blacks to the front lines while larger number of white infantrymen were kept back in the safer zones.

Instead of the government addressing these legitimate concerns expressed by its black citizens they, instead, ordered the FBI to launch a blatantly criminal operation known as COINTELPRO.  This program was designed to derail growing popular support for the civil rights movement in general. It quickly created a climate of resentment among whites towards blacks and ultimately made whites indifferent to the legitimate grievances of African Americans.  The program did achieve a significant measure of success.  One of the targets of the government’s psy-ops program against black unrest was to target the feared Black Panther Party.  The Black Panthers were a humanitarian and political organization that established free breakfast programs for ghetto black children; patrolled black communities to protect against police brutality; advocated the use of necessary for college and success in the job market; and worked to establish a free community health clinic for the impoverished.  The police and FBI felt threatened by such show of strength and independence and consequently developed a series of strategies aimed at eliminating this group altogether.  One of the ways they accomplished this was to publish what was known as the Black Panther Coloring Book.  This publication was produced by the FBI and massed mailed primarily to the white middle and upper class communities throughout North America.  This mass mailing effectively demonized the Panthers in the eyes of mainstream White America and provided the FBI with the public support they needed to ultimately destroy their organization.

Speaking of the Black Panthers, many activists feel that The New Black Panther Party, not unlike their counterpart, the Neo-Nazi white racist organization, is a Fed-bankrolled, psy-ops group used to incite a race war between whites and blacks in a way that could lead to the deaths of thousands, if not hundreds, of innocent people.  Such level of violence would play right into the government’s coveted plans to impose full scale martial law as a solution to a problem they would have created in the first place.  The truth of this statement is evident when one realizes the fact that no member of the NBPP or the Neo-Nazi organization has ever been arrested by local, state or federal law enforcement officials.  In the case of NBPP, they have not been arrested by any law enforcement officials, including the US Attorney General, or reprimanded by black leaders for having threatened people at voting polls; making public announcements of the $10,000 dollar (Wanted: Dead or Alive) bounty placed on the life of George Zimmerman; and distributing an incendiary, hate-filled video message that urged blacks to wage an offensive bloody war against whites.   These revelations are sure red flags that point to the fact that such operatives are fed-runned and financed.  Contrast the NBPP which appears to be above the law and secretly allied with the feds, with the original Black Panther Party of the 60’s and 70’s who, although far from perfect, were the major target of the police and FBI’s criminal campaign to destroy a basically human rights driven organization.

Given the history of America’s tolerance for racism against blacks, had the roles been reversed, making Trayvon Martin the killer of a white trespasser under similar circumstances, the chances of Trayvon escaping an initial arrest by the Sanford police would be extremely remote.

Unfortunately, no one knows exactly what happened the night of Trayvon’s death. One theory suggests that Zimmerman was an innocent victim of a savage beating administered by Trayvon who did so either out of anger or fear of Zimmerman stalking him.  Another is that Zimmerman stalked Trayvon out of his suspicion and subsequently murdered him in cold blood, in spite of his having been subdued and allegedly having screamed for mercy.  The bottom line is that there is no evidence that Trayvon had any intentions to assault Zimmerman.  Likewise, no evidence shows that Zimmerman had any premeditated plans to kill Trayvon.  However, we do know that, based on a recorded conversation he had with Sanford police, Zimmerman failed to follow police orders to desist from pursuing Trayvon.  Thus, had he not used a firearm, in violation of the restrictions under his protection order, there would have been no stalking incident, no deadly gun fire and, consequently, no death of Trayvon Martin.  While the debate continues over the guilt or innocence of George Zimmerman, one thing is certain; whether or not the hoodie he sported that night was indicative of his life as a gang-banging, pot smoking, drug pusher, Trayvon Martin suffered an absolutely senseless and tragic loss of life that, once all the facts of this story are made public, should show how easily such a tragedy could have been avoided.

There are two big tragedies that have tarnished the Trayvon Martin affair; the lesser is the premature loss of life of a socially disadvantaged youth and the emotional plight of grief-stricken parents but the greater tragedy and lesson missed by the majority of Americans has to do with how the racial implications of Trayvon Martin’s death have been used to divert public attention away from the government’s frantic obsession with destroying the 2nd Amendment, laying the groundwork for the rapidly emerging police state, and institutionalizing the draconian, end-of-liberty executive orders signed by President Obama, such as the NDAA, SOPA, NDRP, and a host of other un-Constitutional, anti Bill of Rights legislation.  By bankrolling the activities of trained agents who exploit racial conflict, the government and corporate media aim to redirect the focus of the people away from the need to unite against plans to launch yet another illegal and unjustified war against a sovereign country like Iran. Meanwhile, on the home front, the on-going campaign of genocide in black communities; the public humiliation and health hazards of being sexually molested by TSA thugs and forced through high powered radiation-driven naked body scanners; the use of cell phones, and household appliances to spy, monitor and track the speech and movements of every American; the health-destroying effects of having nationwide fluoride and radioactive isotopes deliberately added to our municipal water supplies; the deadly mercury poison and live cancer viruses added in vaccines and forced on the unsuspecting public; the proliferation of cancer-causing, IQ lowering GMO foods without the public’s knowledge and consent; and countless other government-sponsored civil and human rights violations against American citizens should be the clarion call around which all racial groups are unite.

The sad reality is that while President Obama and his administration will seize  upon every opportunity to exploit racially explosive incidents like the Trayvon Martin affair, they fully endorse all of the above mentioned anti-American and anti-life statutes that are destroying America. What is even more disturbing is the fact that virtually none of the above mentioned assaults on the freedoms of Americans of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds are given the slightest attention by black leaders who claim to be advocates of what is in our best interests.

Given this sad set of circumstances it is obvious that the Trayvon Martin tragedy has become a primary target of the government and corporate media hogs who wish to exploit it in a manner that camouflages the critically important social and political concerns that should be in the forefront of the American public debate. On the question of exploiting racial strife to advance political agenda, it has become clear that the interests of big government and those of the complicit establishment media often intersect.  These two entities are desperate to make the George Zimmerman vs Trayvon Martin affair their “cash cow” to be used to ignite a race war between blacks and whites.  It is imperative that black and white Americans not waste their time and energy fighting each other but join forces and direct that same energy to expose the diabolical schemes of those who have hijacked this government and are using it as the chief engine to spread tyranny throughout the world.  As far as black Americans are concerned, it now becomes the responsibility of every conscientious black man and woman to demand that black leadership be more responsible and extricate itself from its historical role as lackey to the government’s hidden agenda that always seeks to exploit the pain of the black community for its own political objectives.  To counter this conspiracy, the black community must not only pressure its leaders to continue the uncompromising war against racial injustice but, more importantly, demand that they begin to address the more ominous, life-and-death issues that are threatening the future survival of all Americans.  Black leaders who fail to respond to this challenge will not only be remembered as traitors to their people but traitors to humanity.

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