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The Ugly Face Of Racial Bigotry

Category : World Affairs

One of the prevailing features that have characterized world populations throughout the ages is the great diversity of cultural, racial, linguistic peculiarities that are immediately obvious to even the most casual observer. Yet despite that diversity, the common thread that unites the human family and distinguishes it from the rest of creation lies in the special status assigned to it by its Creator: free moral agents empowered by an innate propensity for righteous conduct.

Allah says in chapter 49, verse 13 of the Holy Qur’an, “O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other). Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full Knowledge and is well-acquainted (with all things).”

Humanity’s ethnic landscape is like a panorama comprised of infinite anatomical sizes and shapes, incalculable hues and textures and boundless ethnic traits and proclivities that make it the most powerful, eye-catching embellishment on the planet.  This adornment of the earth with the uniqueness of humankind is a testimony to the Grandeur and Majesty of Almighty God.  Allah desires that we should praise Him in celebration of His wondrous creation and be thankful and proud of these compelling distinctions that He has bestowed upon us in great abundance.

Although the attributes that make us fully and distinctively human have not been dispensed equally by our Creator, any disparity that exists is not meant to shortchange or create unfair advantages for one race over another. Rather, it is intended to be a natural source of pride and cause for celebration as well as a quintessential reason for cultivating a spirit of unity and mutual cooperation within each member of the human family. This is why Allah never intended that such differences in cultural and racial characteristics be used as a basis for establishing the superiority of one person, group, ethnicity or culture over another. What is lacking in one group and preponderant in another establishes the perfect reason for strengthening the bonds of unity.

This verse affirms that there are no acceptable criteria for establishing the superiority of one people over another other than piety and righteous conduct.  Islam demands that true superiority is a virtue that must be earned through laborious effort and an unwavering dedication to engage in righteous conduct. It is not something that is innately given at birth.  Therefore, one’s skin color or the texture of one’s hair has no intrinsic value beyond the physical realm. To glorify or hate another on account of his physical appearance is immoral and contrary to sound logic, for no one has the power to physically change the way Allah created him.  In contrast, to glorify honorable behavior and abhor misconduct are not only praiseworthy moral acts but represent sound logic and reason. That’s why in Islam it is such an abominable offense for any people to declare themselves superior to another based merely on superficial attributes that they had no power to create or change in themselves.

It is not one’s ethnicity that holds any real value, rather, piety and righteous conduct are the only real criteria for measuring human worth. That is why the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said “no Arab is superior over a non Arab and no non Arab is superior over an Arab.” He also established what is perhaps one of the greatest challenges facing civilized society today when he said, “Among my followers the best men are those who are the best to their wives and the best women are those who are best to their husbands.  To each of such women is set down a reward equivalent to the reward of a thousand martyrs.  Among my followers, the best of women who assist their husbands in their work and love them dearly for everything, save what is a transgression against Allah’s laws.”

However, piety and righteous conduct, in addition to representing the only criteria for establishing superiority, is the best yardstick for gauging  the depth of one’s humanity.  The foregoing verses denote the proper relationship that Allah intended to be established and maintained between all human beings in this world regardless of any racial or class distinctions that may exist between them.

Unfortunately, the legacy of humankind is an eternal, dismal record of man’s inhumanity to man.   The spirit of racial and class supremacy has been and remains, to this day, the proverbial driving force behind much of the tyranny and oppression against the weak by a powerful global, controlling elite.  Given humankind’s deplorable track record the divinely created model for human relationships has been effectively breached and its origin can be found in a most fascinating story that portrays the fall of Iblis (Lucifer) from heaven.  Allah says in the Holy Qur’an, chapter 7:11-13, “It is We Who created you and gave you shape; then We bade the angels prostrate to Adam, and they prostrate; not so Iblis; He refused to be of those who prostrate.  (Allah) said: “What prevented thee from prostrating when I commanded thee?” He said: “I am better than he: Thou didst create me from fire and him from clay. (Allah) said: “Get thee down from this [heaven]: it is not for thee to be arrogant here: get out, for thou art of the meanest (of creatures).”  In Chapter 17: 62 He [Iblis] said: “Seest Thou? this is the one [Adam] whom Thou hast honored above me!”

One of the great lessons to be learned from these Qur’anic verses is that Iblis’ arrogant pride shown toward someone of a different creation than himself marked the origin of race and class discrimination and consequently became the precursor for racial bigotry.  Allah, after having ordered the angelic hosts to acknowledge, with an act of prostration, the noble potential of His newest creation, Adam, Iblis defiantly refused to comply with the order.  He arrogantly objected to God’s command to prostrate before one he deemed inferior to himself.  Iblis saw his having been created from fire to be superior to Adam having been created from clay.   This absurd reasoning is akin to the belief held by many that because they are born with white skin and blond hair they are inherently superior to those with black skin and kinky hair.  Such a baseless argument put forth by Iblis is not only logically flawed but acutely detrimental to all human relationships.  That is why Allah responded with the charge, “….for thou art of the meanest (of creatures).” 

The extreme measures Allah took by expelling Iblis from heaven and condemning him to eternal hell shows the extent of His abhorrence for such attitude.  It should be clear that Allah deemed Iblis’ pride and arrogance contemptible because it lies at the root of all forms of racial bigotry.  The strong reaction of Allah against such attitude is also evident from the following hadith of the Imam Ja’afer As-Sadiq (a.s.) who said “One who has pride equal to the weight of a mustard seed will never enter heaven.”

Such aberrant temperament in Iblis, when manifested in human beings becomes the mother, out of whose womb is born the inspiration for committing the most loathsome of criminal acts against the weak and downtrodden.  Customarily, when any arrogant group, clan or nation perceives that a certain innate quality with which it has been endowed is unique or preponderate in itself, such perception often becomes the cause for self-adulation and and ultimately, a convenient facilitator for acts of racism, bigotry  and suppression of God-given freedoms.

Despite Iblis’ abhorrent behavior, Allah, out of His inimitable justice, granted him a long period of respite that would allow Iblis the opportunity to prove his case that humankind is unworthy of the special status given to it by its Creator.  Thus, the entire history of humankind will be subject to a perpetual examination of every facet of its conduct, the ultimate consequences of which will be unveiled on the Day of Judgment.  On this day of reckoning, the verdict will either vindicate the arguments put forth by Iblis [Shaitan] or show that humankind did, indeed, merit that special status extended to it by its Maker.

Unfortunately, given the sordid legacy of the human experience, man’s overall deplorable conduct would appear, on its face, to vindicate the pronouncement of Shaitan [Satan]—that humankind, by virtue of its physical composition, alone, deserves no special status in creation. For history and current events both unveil chilling episodes of man’s inhumanity to man.

The graphic accounts of human misconduct are so horrendous and the suffering endured by the victims, so profound, that no narrative can fully convey the extent of the evil consequences that have been brought to bear throughout history.  However, Allah created human beings pure and innocent and He knew that with true guidance, it is possible for good to become a dominantforce in man’s life.  Allah says in chapter 17, verse 65 of the Holy Qur’an, “Indeed, over My [believing] servants there is for you no authority. And sufficient is your Lord as Disposer of affairs.”

The scourge of racial bigotry has visited every facet of human society from its inception, thus no people are immune from its infectious grip.  It is most disturbing that the strongest source of inspiration for this scourge is found in religious teachings. Striking examples of the ugly face of racial bigotry are evident throughout the Mormon and Judeo-Christian scriptures.  However, the most blatant, virulent, racist, hate-filled narrative, bar none, is revealed in the pages of the Babylonian Talmud, the holiest book of the Jews and the primary source of spiritual inspiration in Judaism.

Just consider the plight of the black Ethiopians Jews, whose legacy is rich with ancient monotheistic traditions that predate the writings of the Talmudic Kazarian Scribes, yet they are unjustifiably and mercilessly discriminated against because of their skin color and racial lineage.  Ethiopians are among the most knowledgeable of the Old Testament traditions and their religion is so ancient it pre-dates the Scribes’ Talmud.  According to the N.Y. Times of Sept. 29, 1992, p.4:  “The problem is that Ethiopian Jewish tradition goes no further than the Bible or Torah; the later Talmud and other commentaries that form the basis of modern traditions never came their way.” 

Thus, the black Ethiopians, unpolluted by racist, Talmudic traditions, are the primary targets of institutionalized racism encouraged by the racist white Khazar Zionists who forbid them the right to preside over marriage ceremonies, conduct funerals and observe other momentous Judaic rites in the Israeli state.  “Racism has become the norm in Israeli society,” said MK Arab-Israeli politician, Ahmad Tibi.  He adds, “Israel is ridden with discrimination through and though.”  Anti-black racism was born with Judaism.  Just read the story of Noah’s son Ham.

There is so much discord in the Middle East today primarily because the Jews consider themselves God’s chosen people above all other non-Jews.  Many of them feel that this notion of racial superiority gives them license to illegally seize land belonging to more than 800,000 Palestinians and routinely imprison torture and massacre them with total impunity.  Just recall the disgusting, bigoted remarks by Rabbi Yaacov Perrin who said, “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.”  Such racist sentiments help desensitize Jews to the atrocities IDF commits against non Israelis.

Just observe the criminal, sub-human conduct of those who boast of being “God’s Chosen People”, against the Palestinians during “Operation Cast Lead” in which thousands of innocent, defenseless, men, women and children in Gaza were mercilessly starved, mutilated, and murdered in cold blood.  They terrorized the entire population in a way that assured maximum degree of destruction to their public and personal properties, commercial and industrial infrastructure, and priceless cultural resources.

This racist behavior should come to no surprise, seeing that the long range plan of the Jews is to make the daily life of the Palestinians so unbearable that they would want to migrate from occupied Palestine.  Accordingly, Israeli policy toward Palestinians is that they must be prevented from exercising a normal social and economic life; they should be cut off from workplaces, schools and hospitals, and should be made virtual prisoners in their own cities and towns. They should be routinely be prevented access to electricity and clean water supply and be made to stand extremely long hours at Israeli checkpoints just to obtain the basic necessities of life; their pregnant women having gone into labor should be prevented from being taken to hospitals, but instead, be forced to stand hours at checkpoints; Palestinians should be made to suffer daily humiliation by having the unimpeded flow of Jewish settler sewage and human excrement discharged directly into Palestinian villages like those south of Hebron.

One of the most egregious, inhuman acts of hate, inspired by racial bigotry has been documented in a report that accused Israeli soldiers of allowing their military trained dogs to literally devour, over a five day period, the dead body of a four year old Palestinian girl previously murdered by Israelis in her own back yard.  Each time the grief-stricken parents attempted to rescue her remains from the vicious canine assault, Israeli soldiers showered them with machine gun fire to prevent the retrieval of the body.  Consequently, the horrified parents were forced to endure this unspeakable ordeal for the entire five day period!  Such are the bitter fruits of racial bigotry.

If Americans knew about the monstrous atrocities committed by Israel in the Lebanon invasions and the genocidal onslaught against the people of Gaza during Operation Cast Lead they would withdraw their support and call for a full independent investigation of those atrocities; if Americans knew of the brutal, the routine murder of innocent Palestinian adults and children and the harvesting of their body parts by Israelis they would demand that their government stop sending more than 30 million dollars in aid to Israel; if Americans knew about Israel’s wanton murder of American sailors on the USS Liberty and the USS Cole, their planning and orchestration of the terror attacks on 911 and that Al Qaeda takes orders from them, Americans would become irate and demand their government declare war against her to bring about a regime change and demand that all those parties involved in these crimes be brought to justice. However, if Americans knew that all these criminal acts carried out by Israel along with her deep seated contempt for non-Jews all were motivated by racial bigotry have their origin in their most holy religious texts, Israel would lose its spell-binding hold over the American psyche immediately.

If the American public would begin to pay attention to the incredible, bigoted statements spewed from the morbid tongues of Jewish Rabbis, politicians and public officials about non-Jews, most of them would be literally astonished beyond belief at the extent of their deep-seated hatred and contempt for everybody, including the Jewish Jesus Christ and his immaculate mother the virgin Mary.  To illustrate this point, a very prominent Jewish spiritual leader, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who commands an impressive following numbering in the hundreds of thousands, recently declared at a spiritual gathering that all non-Jews [gentiles] were nothing more than beasts of the field whose only purpose for being created in this life is to serve the needs and desires of Jews [in other words, serve the State of Israel].  He also added, “they will work, they will plow, they will reap; and we will sit like an effendi [one of high ranking nobility or lordship] and eat [from the fruits of their labor].” It is regrettable, but not at all surprising, that the Rabbis’ bigoted comments have yet to elicit even the slightest outrage from Jews in Israel or elsewhere. Regarding Jesus and his mother, based on the authentic teachings of the Talmud, many Rabbis dismiss Jesus as a bastard, conceived during menstruation, as well as a sorcerer who is now boiling in hot semen and excrement.  About his mother, Mary, the Talmud teaches that “She played the harlot with carpenters.” Rabbinical sources attribute Jesus’ birth to an illicit affair between his mother, Mary, and a Roman soldier.  The world is still waiting for the collective outrage and condemnation from mainstream, born again, Christian evangelicals who are unrelenting in their castigation of Islam and Muslims but show not the slightest objection to the customary hate-filled, disgusting, anti-Jesus narrative common among “God’s Chosen People”.

The hateful, violent and racist message that pervades the volumes of Talmudic literature, along with key passages from the Torah [The Old Testament] that gives license to Hebrews or Jews to execute indiscriminate slaughter and genocide against innocent men, women and children along with the wholesale destruction of their land and properties, represent the inspiration for Israel’s violent history against their non-Jewish Arab and Persian neighbors.  But when these religious doctrines fuel the warmongering diatribe of Rabbis who actively encourage all sectors of the Israeli Defense Force to repeat the genocidal deeds of their cultural ancestors as described in the Old Testament while assuring them that such abominations do not constitute a sin, it is easy to understand why Talmudic Jews have shown no restraint in the mass murder and enslavement of non-Jews.

The teachings contained in the Torah, the Babylonian Talmud, Mishnah and Kabala, combined with the morbid interpretations and hate-filled, bellicose sermons of the Rabbis will serve to explain how easy it is for

groups like the Israeli Defense Force,  on orders from high command, to conduct campaigns of terror and genocide against innocent Palestinians routinely and during Operation Cast Lead in particular; it explains how the Israeli Settlers can slaughter hundreds of Palestinian children, destroy thousands of their olive  and almond trees and demolish their homes without conscience; it explains how the Young Turks could slaughter 60% of the Armenian population of 2.5 million and lament not being able to extinguish the entire race; it explains how  the Bolsheviks could kill 66 million Russian Christians.

It is imperative that we not lose sight of the fact that social misconduct is a universal phenomenon and no community or ethnicity is immune from the commission of nefarious offenses against the weak and innocent.  Obviously, there are many individuals, by virtue of their higher moral and spiritual compass, will always refrain from such misdeeds.  However, it is important to note that those who commit atrocities often do so because of the choices they make and not as a result of any external compulsion.

The lesson to be learned is the recognition that  the root of much of the crimes against humankind lie at the feet of racial bigotry.  In other words, the source of much of the greatest race-motivated violence directed against oppressed peoples stems from the religious doctrine of those who spare no opportunity to falsely accuse Islam of being the most ominous threat to world peace.  True religious doctrine not only sets the boundaries needed for establishing the limits of humanity’s intra-relationships  but guarantees a peaceful coexistence between all people of all races throughout the ages.  On the other hand, while the Judaeo-Christian traditions are touted as the highest standard in western culture, an objective investigation could expose them as the real driving force behind The Ugly Face of Racial Bigotry.



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