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The Underwear Bomber: victim of a colossal fraud

Category : World Affairs

The Nigerian ‘Underwear Bomber’, Umar Farouk Abdulmatallab was sentenced to life in prison on February 16,  2012 for trying to blow up Northwest Airlines Flight 253 on Christmas Day in 2009 in a suicide mission.

Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab

Umar has now joined the long list of fall guys who, unwittingly, have been set up by shrewd intelligence operatives to carry out acts of terror designed to bolster the financial and political objectives of rogue nation states.  Such acts of terror are the lynch pins that keep the public in a state of fear and are used to justify the perpetuation of the fraudulent war against terrorism.

Based on the reports received in the western media, Abdulmatallab’s one-man campaign of terror was explained away as an act of revenge for the US attacks on Muslims.  He considered what he did as an act of jihad and allegedly justified it by saying that “the jihadi (one who engages in Jihad) is proud to kill in the name of God and that is exactly what God told us to do in the Qur’an.”  

If such reports are true then both his attitude and actions are the antithesis of the Islamic faith.  Not a day passes that the public is not bombarded by the press with the words ‘terrorism’ and jihad’  so much so that they have now become two of the most misused and misunderstood of words in modern-day vocabulary.  In reality they are two mutually exclusive terms but are seen by the misinformed, gullible American public as one and the same.  Thanks to a biased and deeply slanted anti-Islamic western media agenda, this misperception held by the average American not only remains alive and well but is growing exponentially.

Terrorism can be defined as the use of violence or threats of violence to intimidate or coerce a targeted group, community or sovereign nation to achieve a political objective.  In as much as there is no consensus definition of the term, we can say with certainty that, depending upon what side of the political spectrum one finds himself, one who is dubbed a terrorist in one camp can be embraced as a freedom fighter in another.  Unfortunately, while the greatest purveyors of tyranny and oppression around the world see themselves as defenders of democracy and custodians of peace, those who heroically resist tyranny and defend their nation against illegal invasions are labeled as terrorists by oppressive regimes and their complicit media apparatus.

Jihad, another misunderstood term, means to struggle.  Within a broader context, it denotes struggle in the way of Allah.  Most non-Muslims mistakenly believe that the term is to be understood exclusively within the context of violent aggression. For many Americans the word jihad conjures up images of deranged fanatics, hell-bent on killing Jews and Christians to appease the wrath of a blood-thirsty, vengeful deity known as Allah. In fact, jihad is the continual struggle to subdue the rebel that exists within all of us.  That struggle, which is much more difficult, constitutes the major jihad that should be undertaken by everyone everyday.  The lessor or minor jihad is the one that involves armed struggle against an aggressor.  This form of jihad is lawful only when led by a divinely commissioned representative, i.e., a prophet or his successor.

What the so-called underwear–sometimes referred to as Christmas bomber–did does not qualify as an act of jihad nor can it be considered an act of terrorism. It was not jihad because it fails to meet the criterion established by Islam and it cannot be considered an act of terror on his part, in as much as he was not solely responsible for his actions on that dreadful day.  Contrary to biased media portrayal, Islam strictly prohibits its followers from commiting any form of pre-emptive violent attacks, such as bombings, that endanger the lives and destroys the properties of innocent people.  There can only be two explanations for Abdul Mutallab’s actions during the aborted terrorist attack:  1. He was a naive, misguided, idealist who thought he was doing the Will of Allah or 2. He was an unwitting, helpless victim of some powerful mind control operative.  Thanks to the courageous eye witness testimony and post  investigative work of Attorney Kurt Haskell who singlehandedly challenged the official story and the government’s own admissions to having been a party to the whole affair, Abdul Mutallab is likely to have been under the influence of some form of mind control. the entire incident was contrived by compartmentalized personnel within the US government.  Information gathered over the past two years suggests that the  event was nothing more than a fraudulent scam that was purposefully staged from start to finish when one considers the following factors:

  1. When a disheveled and visibly disoriented Mutallab was escorted by a well dressed mystery person past the ticket counter and ultimately on to the plane without benefit of a passport and without passing through a security check point, an that was clearly in violation of FAA rules and regulations.
  2. Mutallab was given an intentionally defective bomb by a US government agent and failed to detonate it while he was seated in plain view of the rest of the passengers instead of hiding himself inconspicuously in one of the restrooms.  As far as defective bombs are concerned, the Underwear Bomber was not the only person given such a device by the government.  The Portland Christmas Tree Bomber, The Wrigley Field Bomber were both given defective bombs by the US government.  Even the Moroccan man suspected of intending to carry out a suicide bombing that targeted the US capitol building was found to never have posed a real threat because the explosives with which he was provided came from the FBI and his only contact was with FBI officials posing as Al Qaeda operatives.  The FBI and MI5 readily entrap, recruit and even hire young, naive, misguided idealists from impoverished communities as likely candidates for terrorist operations.
  3. Mutallab had already been flagged by the State Department as a terrorist, yet the government, in violation of its own regulations, allowed him to enter the country.
  4. Why were the passengers left on the plane for 20 minutes after it landed if the government was really concerned about the safety of the passengers.
  5. When Umar was given an intentionally defective bomb by a US government agent and failed to detonate it while sitting in plain view of the passengers instead of placing himself inconspicuously in one the restrooms.



Perhaps the best indicator that the underwear bombing event was a classic inside job, was the deployment of the dreaded naked body scanners in airports across the nation only days after the false flag attack. The aborted bomb attack not only evoked suspicion but opened a new chapter in America’s rapid decent into hard core tyranny.  Thus, the unveiling of these dangerous cancer-causing scanning machines at airports across the nation marked a new plateau in the government’s  imposition of additional draconian and dehumanizing restrictions on the American people.

The government-sponsored false flag terror event on Christmas Day, 2009 was seen by many as an elaborate scheme to gain new levels of control over the people and to reap enormous financial profits in the process.  Success in getting the extremely hazardous naked body scanners introduced in air terminals  and subjecting air travelers to unspeakable levels of public humiliation that included the groping and fondling of their genitalia by sexually perverted TSA workers, was the result of a carefully planned and executed con game.

Mutullab’s attempt to ignite his pants on that plane was soon used as an excuse by the government to install the dangerous naked body scanners now in use in most airports.  The companies making these machines have some powerful friends in Washington who have obviously helped them get government contracts, despite the fact that many government and health professionals have raised doubt about the safety and effectiveness of these machine.

The principle party behind this elaborate con game was Michael Chertoff, former Homeland Security Chief.  Since leaving the government, Chertoff has started a security consulting firm called The Chertoff Group. One of his chief clients is a company that manufactures full body scanners.  Chertoff and his colleagues knew that once the ‘Underwear Bomber’ incident became headline news Americans, out of shear indignation, would eagerly support their deployment in all airport terminals as a deterrent to would-be terrorists.  However, little do the American public know that the hidden agenda of Chertoff and his ilk has nothing to do with stopping terrorists.  The alterior motives of these masters of scam is to advance the eugenics agenda for mass population reduction through Agenda 21; break the will and resistance of  American citizens by subjecting them to the shameful, public humiliation of having their breasts squeezed, their genitals groped and fondled by sex perverts; and amass huge financial profits through marketing dangerous, untested scanning technology.

Anyone who mistakenly believes that terrorism from Islam and the Muslims poses the biggest threat to our safety, liberties and freedoms need to watch the following video presentation:


Can connecting the dots get any more clear than this for those who are not blind?  For those who are blind it is time to take off the blinders, grow up and recognize that any external threat to America from terrorism is virtually nonexistent.  The only people who advocate that a terrorist threat is real are either  in a hopeless state of delusion, recipients of financial and political favors or the actual brokers of terror themselves.  Statistically, one has a much better chance of dying from a bee sting, slipping on a banana peel or being struck by lightening  than becoming a victim of a terrorist attack in America.  Thus, the only terrorism the American people need to fear is that which is perpetrated by their own government.  Until the people wake up from their delusional state of mind, the American government will continue to employ clandestine armies of manchurian candidates like the ‘Underwear Bomber’ as patsies to stage more criminal false flag operations, designed to freighten the public into giving up more of their human rights in exchange for a security that is, at best, only imaginary.





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