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Why Iran Is The Target

Category : World Affairs

Katy Texas restaurant owner John Nonmacher displays a poster in his barbeque restaurant that depicts urban cowboys, some armed with shotguns, lynching an Iranian man.  An offending caption reads, “Let’s play cowboys and Iranians.”  One of the cowboys sports a t-shirt bearing the derogatory inscription, “Iranians Suck”.

Although he is well within his rights as an American citizen to do so, Nonmacher’s outrageous public exhibit should be considered offensive to any God-fearing humanitarian. Even more disturbing is Mr. Nonmacher’s apparent obsession with racial hatred and intolerance, as he allegedly conceded that the message he endorses on the poster is not an issue of freedom of speech but rather an issue of hate speech!

He also admitted that he continued to display the poster to demonstrate his support for the release of two of the remaining three Americans, alleged to have been spies, from an Iranian prison in September, 2011. Nonmacher did finally take down the controversal poster, only to replace it with a newer, copied version for fear that someone, driven by selfish design, could be tempted to confiscate the original.  Interestingly, the first of the three, Sarah Shourd, released earlier this year, said emphatically, “we are horrified that Mr. Nonmacher used our wrongful imprisonment in Iran to justify his own racism. This kind of hatred and ignorance fuels hostility between the US and Iran and benefits no one.”

The bigger picture is that the Nonmacher poster, originally inspired by American diplomats taken hostage in Iran over 30 years ago, reflects the ignorance, racial hatred and bigotry many Americans continue to feel today toward Muslims generally, and Iranians in particular. This sentiment persists, notwithstanding the fact that the Iranian hostage crisis ended over 32 years ago. Nonmacher and many Americans like him are locked away, comfortably, in a time capsule of ignorance and blind prejudice patriotism, which renders them incapable of recognizing the truth even when it is presented to them in plain view.  It is a sad reminder of the depth and extent of the daily brainwashing strategies directed toward the American people by the Zionist controlled corporate media. They do an incredibly remarkable job in keeping the naïve American public in total darkness about the truth of what is really happening on the world scene. Their campaign of disinformation and suppression of truth can be observed in their daily fear-mongering, declaring that Iran is this dangerous, fanatical, theocratic state that wants to employ nuclear weapons to take over the world and wipe Israel off the map. Just read the pathetic comments of the lunatic congresswoman Michele Bachmann who argued, “If you look at Iran, and if you look at Pakistan, and if you look at the link with Syria, because Iran is working through proxies like Syria through Hezbollah, through Hamas.” Without elaborating, she added, “It seems that the table is being set for world-wide nuclear war against Israel.”

Washington is in the process of concocting a new string of lies pertaining to Iran’s nuclear program with a view to justify the implementation of punitive bombings. The old tales, including the one circulated several weeks ago, have failed miserably in achieving the desired results.  For example, the totally fabricated story broadcasted by the national media involving an Iranian car salesman and a shady marijuana dealer in Texas blew up in their faces. The fact that the system tried to show that the car salesman was planning to blow up the Saudi embassy in Washington, DC; the fact that it was anti Iranian government opposition terrorist groups that were indirectly in contact with both the Iranian used car salesman and the Mexican drug cartels, show that the entire story was baseless fabrication.  Even former and current government experts said that the entire episode was as phony as a three dollar bill and and nothing more than a blundering misadventure, done out of desperation to make a case for waging war against the Iranian nation.

Remember when former Vice President, Dick Cheney, ordered Admiral William J. “Fox” Fallon to attack Iran? The plan was to paint up blue US patrol boats to resemble Iranian boats and then instruct US Naval personnel to commandeer boats to risk their lives  to attack their own US ships so that the event would be made to appear that Iran had executed the attack.  Admiral Fallon, realizing the absurdity and cataclysmic consequences of such a false flag adventure, would have no part of it and was soon forced to resign. Threats directed against Iran have been ongoing for the last eight years and fake intelligence has been used unsparingly to justify these threats.

Thus, as long as the John Nonmachers of America and their partisans steadfastly adhere to religious intolerance and racial bigotry, many Americans will continue to remain vulnerable to the daily onslaught of media false propaganda against Iranian, Asian and Middle East Muslims.  A striking example of this vulnerability can be seen in a recent attempt by Israel and the American government to sell the mostly dumb-down, unsuspecting public on a need to attack Iran, can  be monitored in the daily news reports that attempt to show that Iran’s nuclear program is a threat to Israel’s security and that of the entire world. Although many Americans are slowly waking up to this scam, the majority still believe in the American government’s incessant lies and propaganda tactics.


America’s Hostility Toward Iran Is Ongoing


America’s maniacal obsession with Iran began in 1979, following the overthrow of their loyal asset, the Shah, under the esteemed leadership of  the Ayatollah Khomeini.  For over 32 years the source of strained relations between Iran and the US stems, primarily, from the US government’s unrelenting string of hostilities against the Islamic Republic, starting with the illegal seizure of Iran’s financial assets, the  imposed Iraq war in the 1980’s, assassinations of key political and religious leaders, countless Zionist/US sponsored terrorist attacks against Iran’s social and industrial infrastructure that continue to this day; and an endless barrage of totally baseless allegations and false propaganda directed at its leadership.

Since the success of the Islamic revolution in 1979 the criminal global elite, which controls the US and almost the rest of the  world, have launched a “full court press” offensive to bring Iran under its political and economic control.  The fact that Iran for over 30 years (with virtually the entire Western and Arab world—save Syria—allied against it) has successfully overcome every overt and covert multifaceted assault directed against it is nothing short of a miraculous manifestation of God’s Divine protection.

As more Americans are exposed to the truth and begin to break out of their deep slumber, they will soon realize what every knowledgeable freethinker knows:  Iran poses absolutely no threat to Israel or any country and that Iran continues to be the innocent victim of the relentless bombardment of western propaganda waged against it.  Warmongering politicians like State Department Secretary Hillary Clinton and former Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni are some of the most obsessed among war hawks calling for war with Iran and the mass destruction of peoples in Muslim nations.  Their obsession with Iran has reached insane proportions and has often caused an unwitting flip-flop posture amidst their relentless campaign against its people.   That is because sometimes the truth they know full well yet choose to hide, surfaces unintentionally and unexpectedly in spite of themselves.    Listen to the twisted rationale of  Zionist shill, Danielle Pletek, of the American Enterprise Institute, as she is forced to indirectly affirm the truth that there is no need to fear Iran:

Until more Americans are willing to accept the truth, the criminal process of fabricating lies to justify criminal military assaults against innocent countries will continue.  Without those lies, the US-NATO Israel military alliance has no credible leg to stand on.   The unequivocal truth, secretly discussed by virtually every honest intelligence operative and top military official, is that Iran poses no threat to Global Security or to the security of Israel.



To say that Iran is racing to acquire nuclear weapons is not only absurd but without foundation.  Why would such a small nation surrounded by hostile, puppet Arab nations and located within striking distance of the greatest nuclear power in the Middle East, Israel, want to threaten—not to mention attack—Israel or any Western power with nuclear weapons?  The response to such a foolish move by Iran would be so catastrophic as to reduce Iran back to the Stone Age.  Iranian religious leaders have reiterated that the production and deployment of weapons of mass destruction are acts which violate the tenets of Islam.  Thus, by virtue of religious constraints, there can be no program undertaken to produce a nuclear bomb.  The leaders of Israel, the US, Russia and the European nations know full well that Iran’s nuclear program is designed strictly for domestic energy needs.  The fact that Iran is deeply committed to the development and expansion of their domestic nuclear program, in the opinion of this writer, is a deadly mistake and one they may regret in the future, given the fact that nuclear catastrophes like those that occured in Chernobyl and Fukushima are very likely to happen again.  Moreover, there is a lack of viable technology today to effectively deal with the huge problem of nuclear waste without endangering the health of surrounding populations.  There is a much safer, earth-friendly alternative, but that is strictly Iran’s choice to make and if other countries have opted unwisely for nuclear power, no one has the right to criticize or prohibit Iran from following a similar course of action.

Aside from developing nuclear power to accommodate peaceful, domestic needs, even if the Iranians were actively engaged in the development of nuclear weapons, there is no justifiable reason for anyone to be alarmed.  They have every right, if for no other reason than to defend themselves from rogue nations like Israel, who threatens Iran with preemptive military strikes almost daily.  Israel has hundreds of nuclear weapons yet defiantly refuses to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty that Iran eagerly signed.  Yet the lies continue to be broadcast through the media with impunity, for without the dissemination of such lies, the military/establishment media desperate to make the case for war against Iran will risk losing all credibility in the eyes of public opinion.


Why Do The Powers-That-Be Really Fear Iran?


The last thing the enemy wants to see emerge in the world is a strong, independent, fully functional, Islamic State—especially one that literally frightens them to the core.  Such a sovereign entity, owing to its uncompromising world-view, and unique ideological and philosophic perspective among nation states, upsets the balance of power in the Middle East and is thus seen as the greatest threat to the new world order designs for dominating the region.  This is exactly the the situation with Iran; it is the only truly independent sovereign state that is Shi’a in the region and the only nation which has successfully defended itself against the encroachments of US imperialism. The Saudi Wahabi agents of the Zionist/US conspiracy abhor the presence of Shi’a Muslims and leave no stone unturned to create a perpetual climate of Shia phobia and Iranphobia throughout the world.

Iran enjoys great relationships with Shi’ite organizations in the Middle East as well as Sunni movements like Hamas and Islamic Jihad.  These relationships are a constant source of consternation for the US and Israel and their Sunni Arab puppet states like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, notwithstanding the fact that the Islamic Republic of Iran has no history of aggression or issuing threats against any of its neighbors, nor against any country in the world, for that matter.  The only war Iran engaged in was initiated by the then Zionist/US sponsored puppet Saddam Hussein.


What Is the Nature Of This Threat?


The nature of this threat to the world powers is that, unlike her Arab neighbors, and most developing nations, Iran refuses to subject itself to the control and dictates of privately owned offshore central banks.  What does that mean?

For starters, it means total independence from Zionist/US control.  It means there are no puppets who will place the global aspirations of their neo-colonial masters above the rights of the Iranian people.  It means having no foreign armies occupying Iran and no police state instituted that brutally oppresses and unjustly imprisons and tortures Iranians, while the new world order criminal global elite plunder Iran’s natural resources to satisfy their insatiable thirst for wealth and domination.

It means breaking that old master/slave relationship model and replacing it with the Islamic model that prohibits Iran to genuflect and prostrate itself before the feet of the Almighty Dajjal (the Talmudic-based global criminal elite rulers), to curry favor just to earn a semblance of freedom.

It means having an educational, religious, economic, social and political system based solely on the pure teachings of Islam as opposed to the counterfeit model practiced by the Zionist-controlled Wahabi and Talaban sects.

It means that Iran, having eliminated almost all illiteracy since the 1979 Revolution, is making the scientific and technological advances in medicine, health care, farming, energy, aviation, space exploration and the weapons industry that further secures it’s independence from the West and clearly establishes itself as a new dominant power in the Middle East.

It means having the political foresight and sagacity to become more adept at identifying and frustrating the various Zionist/US sponsored covert operations like the National Endowment for Democracy, et al.

It means that all Iranians are truly free under their current government, compared to the conditions they faced before the monumental success of the Islamic Revolution in 1979.  It means that there is now a generation of proud, pragmatic people, freed from the shackles of a servile, colonial mentality, who now have become the inspiration and hope for their oppressed Arab neighbors, who, in turn, long to emulate the success of their Persian neighbor.  That inspiration can set in motion those that can ultimately lead to the severing of all economic, political and military ties with the West.  These compelling realities are what constitute the real “bomb” that frightens Israel and the US and is the major driving force behind their desire for regime change in Iran.


Iran Remains The Good Guy

Iran poses no threat to friendly, peace-loving peoples of the world.  The only threat she poses is to those nations who relentlessly wage war and oppress and exploit the helpless.  Iran has every right to defend itself from outside aggression and to rally to the assistance of anyone who asks for its help.   Any violence coming from Iran is strictly from a defensive posture and from a desire to carry out preemptive strikes to invade and occupy innocent nations.  Does this mean that the Iranian system is unblemished as a governing body?  Absolutely not.  The truth of the matter is that virtually all governments, without exception, are corrupt in varying degrees and violations of human rights, on some level, are a common occurrence.  However, the difference in the extent of corruption in governments is a matter of degree.  Were one to conduct an unbiased, objective research that compared Iran, the US, Great Britain and Israel with respect to their track records on human rights and social injustice,  their preemptive military assaults on sovereign nations, their policy on illegal regime changes, their positions on mass genocide, secret arrests and torture, and the plundering of weaker nations for their wealth and natural resources, Iran, despite its internal problems, will look like a night in shining amour compared to her rivals.  A simple acid test for identifying the most noble among nation states today can be realized when we observe the quality of the relationship between their governments and their people.  Thomas Jefferson summed it best when he said, “when the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

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